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  1. I have not been out. My understanding is clear cold water. One thing for sure, you cannot catch any from the couch. Good luck and work the s and figure 8 patterns. Also hearing green has been producing.
  2. they strong enough for dipsy? I have a small boat. Been thinking trees, but feel they would not look good
  3. yes they are dark fish, but nothing like short leads and shallow strikes
  4. I didnt make the big lake this year, but you keep me in the game with the post. I hope you realize how much we like these post. Maybe you need to upgrade to cameras on board and live stream. Just thinking outside the box here
  5. Have to pull that silver bullet. That is a smoker of a lure
  6. On more question what size pipe did you use. that 1 1/2 or 1 1/4
  7. Can you answer me one question. Are those holders at a 45 degree angle and how far apart?
  8. what angle do you set the holders at? 45 degree?
  9. I have always wanted to fish an tourney. Hit me up if you need an extra ANYTIME! I need 12-14 hour notice (travel time) to meet at the boat. Glad you had a great event.
  10. Guessing you dont make the torpedo in lower weights?
  11. I had an 89. Loved it. Big enough to fish as the water I wanted to fish.
  12. Can you tell me the brand of the colored releases in the packages
  13. would you sell only the planner releases in the packages?
  14. Why question his price. He can sell them for whatever he likes. If someone can find them less then good for them
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