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  1. Why question his price. He can sell them for whatever he likes. If someone can find them less then good for them
  2. what port you going out of? That plays a part in the run and the fisheries
  3. Great post. Keep picking way and picking the brains of the fishermen on here. They often feed a few tricks of the trade. This is a great resource. I am from Maine and I love the lakers. Yes kings are a blast on the rod and reel, but being a laker fishermen. Nothing like boating them in the high teens low twenty.
  4. East wind fishing at its least. West wind fishing at its best
  5. i guess its easier to ask what do you have left
  6. Only thing i can find is the black mickey mouse boots that work for me. No mus for spot and stock boot, but great stand hunting boot
  7. piscataquis

    Sold / Closed 1994 Penn Yan 223 Rage

    Drive unit of boat or auto pilot
  8. piscataquis

    Sold / Closed 1994 Penn Yan 223 Rage

    Riggers or bases wont stay?
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