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  1. Would trade! What you have?
  2. To end the diving problem go to the silver hordes sams release. Release pops board flips backwards. No more diving!
  3. Right hand SG47 sold!
  4. Left hand sealing 27's sold
  5. DIAWA LINE COUNTER REELS (NEW) update 2-1-17 New reels in box! Shipping Extra! Right hand Sealine SG47LC $SOLD Sealine SG57LC3B $90.00 Accudepth Plus 47LCB $60.00 Accudepth Plus 57LCB $80.00 Accudepth Plus 57LCB $80.00 LEFT HAND HANDLE Sealine SG27LCB $SOLD Sealine SG27LCB $SOLD Sealine SG47LC3BL $80.00 Accudepth Plus 47LCBL $60.00 Text Jeff 716-583-0057
  6. All spoken for! Going to some1outhere pending pmt. thx
  7. Okuma spoken for! to some1outhere
  8. SHIMANO TALORA / OKUMA Blue Diamond Rods NO SHIPPING! CAN BRING TO LOTSA SHOW ALL WEEKEND! Pickup in Tonawanda, New York 2- used SHIMANO TALORA 8' TLA-80MC-2 8' 12-27lb test Power: medium Action: fast (USED) Copper/Lead $45.00 eacheach 1-OKUMA Blue Diamond BD-C902Ma 9'0" 12-25lb test (NEW) $45.00
  9. New Diawa trolling Rods ( Dealer Demos) NO SHIPPING AVAILABLE! CAN BRING TO LOTSA SHOW! THERE ALL WEEKEND! Pickup in Tonawanda, New York Diawa DXS trigger stick handle (cork top) 1- DXS902H 9ft heavy 12-30lb test $50.00 1-DXS D1062H 10'6" Heasy 15-30 lb test $50.00 1-DXS 1062MRB-G 10'6" Medium 12-30lb test cork handle $40.00 Diawa DXT trolling rods 1- DXT 1062MHF 10'6"12-30lb test $40.00 1-DXT 902MF-LC 9' Medium COPPER EYES 12-27lb Test $40.00 1-DXT 902MHR 9'Mh 12-30lb test $40.00 Diawa Wilderness Rods 1- Wilderness DR902MR 9' M 12-25lb test $15.00 1-Wilderness DR802MLR 8'ML 8-17lb Test $15.00 DIAWA Accudepth Trolling (green gold label) 1- Accudepth AD DR802M 8' M 10-25lb test $25.00 1- Accudepth AD DR802ML 8'10-20lb test $25.00 ACCCUDEPTH TROLLING (purple label) 1- Accudepth ACDDR862M 8'6" 10-25lb test $25.00 1- Accudepth ACDDR802ML 8' 10-20lb test $25.00 2-Accudepth ACDDR762ML 7'6"10-20lb test $25.00 each
  10. I'll take chrystalinas/storms PayPal?
  11. Where are these located? Do you go to lotsa on Jan?
  12. Great job! Hope people read this!!ðŸ‘
  13. Go to Nicks Sporting Goods in Buffalo! 1212 Kenmore Ave. 716-875-9218 he's got a 7,9,10 ft in stock!