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  1. Cayuga thinking of cayuga saturday

    Any updates on ice conditions from the South end? or east shore?
  2. Sampson state park marina

    Does anyone know if the boat launch at Sampson is still usable? I am not afraid to break ice, if necessary as long as its able to be done! Thanks.
  3. Deans Cove or Long Point boat launch conditions?

    Darkwater1, THANK YOU! A bag of salt, shovel, and a very long rope are part of my standard winter gear... My wife says "crazy" Wonder if it will still be good with the super cold weather we are supposed to get after Christmas? Merry Christmas!
  4. Deans Cove or Long Point boat launch conditions?

    Anyone close that could swing past and give a report on the launch conditions?
  5. Can anyone give some reports on boat launch conditions on Cayuga Lake? Thinking Union Springs, Long Point, Deans Cove.... Any ice or snow? are they plowed? Thanks everyone
  6. Cayuga 11/24

    Thanks!! the geese are tough to get to decoy on the lake, better to hunt them in fields. I was thinking of trying a run up there fo rthe ducks before the Western Zone closes Dec. 6th, sound slike it might be worth it! Thanks again. Anyone else seeing many?
  7. Cayuga 11/24

    Hey are you guys seeing many ducks when you're out trolling? Any flocks of divers or longtails? redheads? mallards? Thanks
  8. Draft NYSDEC Lake Sturgeon Recovery Plan

    Great to see these fish returning! If you support this or want a future fishery for them, please make it known to DEC!
  9. Waterfowl season 2017/18

    Nice mixed bag of ducks and geese
  10. Cayuga 11-1

    Let us know how you do! Been thinking of making a late season run up there
  11. Honeoye walleye die off?

    Gambler, if there are 20+ dead walleye, best to give DEC Fisheries a call in Avon
  12. Recommend an inland lake Pike fishing trip? Hey all, I'm looking for some recommendations for an Ontario fishing trip for northern pike on an inland lake. Coming from NY, and I'd like to go about 3 hrs or so north of the border from Thousand Islands/St Lawrence River crossing. I'm like to find either a very cheap cabin rental, or a do-it-yourself camping/tent experience. Not interested in luxury, and I'm not afraid to rough it. I'm bringing a small outboard boat so need a drive-to launch. Not looking to spend a lot, or do a standard "outfitter" trip. Really want to get away, so the fewer other fishermen the better. Remote would be awesome, as long as I can get the boat in the water. I'm thinking Provincial Parks are best bet? Looking at doing this trip soon in September or maybe early October.Mostly interested in big northern pike, but also enjoy lake trout, brook trout and walleye. Any recommendations would be greatly appreciated! I'm open to any suggestions. You can private message me if you like, or post here. Thank you in advance!!!
  13. Small Michigan stinger type spoons for salmon and trout... I think 2 1/2". I've found that 3" and larger spoons = lake trout
  14. Thanks everyone! Its interesting how varied the results were, even fishingteh same depths. Do thos eof you who found and caught fish have any advice for those of us who didn't? I'm not sure what I would change, i thought I was doing everything right.....?!!? I mean, I seriously didn't mark enough marks to think my depthfinder was even working right... I continued to fish it hard anyway to see if the fish were there, and I just wasn't marking them. Apparentlythey were there seomplace lol. Rocky what are plates instead of spinnies? Do you mean just like a small metal flasher? Thanks
  15. Blank screens in Oswego i fished Oswego today (with about 120 other boats). Ran out to 120' of water to start looking for fish... screen was so blank, I seriously thought the fish finder was not working right. Set rigggers and dipsy with FF and spoons, trolled out to 250 of water, back in and out a few times, very very few marks. Saw maybe 2 boats with fish on. A few false releases was it for the morning for me, covered all over from 70-250 fow... and just for the record, false releases really suck when you have manual crank downriggers down 110 feet .