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  1. I'm in about the same spot as you. But remember, its all about enjoying the experience, don't worry about the results. Of course, having young ones, you need to get some fish or they become disinterested. I have a 7 yr old son and I will be taking him out for the very first time this weekend (hopefully). So, yes, I too will have to launch the boat and retrieve it by myself. My main goal getting into it this year with my son was to keep us both safe.. I think I've prepared pretty well in that regard. However, although I'm hardly a novice at fishing, I am new to boating and that can be a little unsettling knowing that I'm a novice and I will be doing it mostly by yourself. Enjoy the memories!
  2. I'm resurrecting an old thread. I have a new Ranger 620FS on order and I plan to rig it for Cannon downriggers and I want it clean. I thought about using flush mount power ports for the Cannon receptacles and then run these to a: Blue Sea Systems 5025 ST Blade Fuse Block - 6 Circuits with Negative Bus and Cover However, after calling the service manager at Cabela's, he told me they usually run them right to the battery with in-line fuses. If I wanted to run additional electronic add-ons in the future, this doesn't seem the cleanest to me. Maybe I'm wrong. Is there anyone in the WNY area that you would recommend for rigging?
  3. Okay....I took the advice and signed up. Thanks to those that provided feedback.
  4. I was going to sign up for this, but since I am truly a novice, it sounds like it might be too advanced. I am just starting out this next season. "The Salmon School is not meant for novices to the Lake Ontario fishery. It is a “hard core” salmon class targeted toward providing the “experienced weekend warrior” with additional insights and details to improve their catch in the limited time they have on the water. "
  5. mwinter66

    Sold / Closed 2013 Lund Tyee 1900

    I sent you a message about a week ago, but never received a response.
  6. I have been fishing my entire life and have fished a lot, so I have a lot of experience, but none of it with respect to trolling. I've always wanted a boat and now I'm at a point in my life where I can afford it. I've been out with others, just never had my own. So, it's not like I'm trying something new to see if I like it, but trying something new because now I can afford to do so. I really appreciate everyone's help. Thank you.
  7. Great info, thank you. Is this a decent price for used Taloras? http://www.ebay.com/itm/Shimano-Talora-Trolling-Rod-TLA86M2-86-/152360634398?hash=item237966c81e:g:BusAAOSw8gVX6bva
  8. Okay, thanks. Sounds like Tekota 500s and 600s covers it, but that's a lot of reels if I wanted to run 6 rods both for salmon and walleye and quite the investment. I know rods are cheaper, so I guess I'll just start to slowly accumulate. If anyone has any specific rod recommendations, it would be appreciated.
  9. So if I wanted to run 6 rod/reel combinations for walleye and for salmon, I would need 12 different setups? Is the any commonalities? Not even for rods?
  10. I've read as much as I could so far, but starting at ground zero with respect to trolling. What rod/reel suggestions would you have for someone getting into both salmon and walleye? I'd rather slowly buy quality gear versus quickly buy gear that I would want to upgrade later. Looking hard at the Shimano Tekota series. The 600LC seemed like it would be a little better for both species versus the 500LC series. Looking for down rigger, dipsy rods, and planer rods, and would like your recommendations as specific as possible. Been going through Cabelas a lot and have quite a few gift cards saved up. Thanks for any help.
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