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  1. They told me I had that problem. Do you troll with it non stop? I have to mix a little oil with my gas and run it between 3500 and 6000 rpm’s for 10 hrs straight to get rid of the problem. It sucked bad. Is your motor acting up? Is that how you found out?
  2. Rigger rods still available?
  3. Trolling rod and reel combos Hey guys looking for some decent combos to stock up my arsenal. I'm looking for a couple rigger rods. And a couple rods good for lead core or flatlining. Preferably okuma/penn/daiwa reels. Let me know if anyone has some they wanna get rid of. They need to be in good working order. Thanks
  4. Ok great. Thank you very much. Did you hafta take the foot pedal cover right off to replace it?
  5. Problems with my foot propelled trolling motor Hey guys. I have a minn Kota power drive v2 55 lb thrust 12v foot propelled trolling motor on my Lund. It is not even 3 years old. It's a 2014and I bought the boat in 2015. So I've only been using it for 2 years. It was working great and I loved it until the other day when I was out and the motor only worked on speed 6. If I throttled up above 6 or down below 6 the motor just dropped out and stopped running. The only speed the motor would work at all was speed 6. The head turned fine all the time but I could feel the throttle button click off if I tried to speed up or slow down. I was wondering if any of you have had this problem in the past and I was hoping for input on if you think it's the pedal wiring itself or the control wiring or the motor itself? Like I said it worked fine and then all of a sudden it just started happening. Could it be that I pulled on the wire to much and it loosened up the connections. Any input would be greatly appreciated. Thanks
  6. I'd buy it. But if it doesn't come with the wiring I can't use it. I have a 12v minn Kota now with 2 battery's wired in parallel so I could just wire them in series and buy your 24v but I'm willing to bet the plug configuration coming out of the mount is different?
  7. Copilot is just steering controls right? It's not the controls that work with your sonar to follow saved routes? That's Ipilot right?
  8. Wanted

    Hahaha ok I was confused
  9. Cannon downrigger mounts Hey guys. I just bought a couple cheap easy troll downriggers from a buddy on here I'm looking for a couple cannon clamp mount downrigger mounts. I'm just getting in to downrigger trolling and I have a Lund and there is really no good place on my style boat to mount regular mounts. Nor do I wanna put 8 holes on my boat. So if any body has a couple clamp on style mounts that will work for easy trolls they wanna let go, let me know and I'll buy em off ya. Thanks
  10. What shaft length is the motor? Just basic 15"?
  11. Sold / Closed

    That thing would be great for ice fishing. How does it handle on the ice? Ever had it out there?
  12. Sold / Closed

    Hahaha. I wish. I have a Lund 1650 rebel xl. And that was a stretch for my expenses hahaha. Really though it is a beautiful boat. Somebody should def snatch this thing up
  13. 50$ for both? Are these still for sale?