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  1. I can find out. Prob about 40 lbs
  2. I live 15 min north of Albany NY but I will loook in to shipping if your willing to pay a little more
  3. Hey guys. Selling a 4 hp 4 stroke 20” long shaft motor. Doesn’t come with an external gas tank. Just the normal internal tank but it has ports if you want to add an external gas tank later. I believe it’s a 2006. Decent shape. Stalls from time to time but anyone who knows anything about small motors I’m sure could check it out. Perfect little motor for a small boat or a 17’ boat that needs a kicker. Asking 450$ or best offer. PM me if you want pictures. thanks
  4. Yankmycrank

    for sale : usa Free ice shanty

    Hey James, I have already contacted perchjerk Jim in regards to him taking the shanty. If for some reason he can’t pick it up or doesn’t end up wanting it. I will let you know. Thank you for the inquiry
  5. Yankmycrank

    for sale : usa Free ice shanty

    I think it 5’ 10” on on low side and 6’ 2” on the peak side of the roof. It prob weighs 300 lbs. just guessing. I can pull it across the ice myself when there isn’t a lot of snow
  6. Yankmycrank

    for sale : usa Free ice shanty

    Hahaha. I’m def not yankin your crank! it is 100% free
  7. Yankmycrank

    for sale : usa Free ice shanty

    4’ wide by 6’ 8” long. I made it that size so it fits in the bed of my Silverado. I don’t own a flat bed trailer
  8. FREE! Built a couple years ago. Great shanty. I just don’t use it much anymore, and I’m trying to sell my house. Needs a little cleaning, and birds pecked a couple holes in it but I have extra pieces of high R board to repair those spots and I’ll even throw in some foil tape. Pick up only in cohoes NY. Spent hundreds on 2x2’s, and high R board. ( by Albany) but it is completely and totally FREE Message me
  9. Yankmycrank

    Carbon in my Merc!

    They told me I had that problem. Do you troll with it non stop? I have to mix a little oil with my gas and run it between 3500 and 6000 rpm’s for 10 hrs straight to get rid of the problem. It sucked bad. Is your motor acting up? Is that how you found out?
  10. Rigger rods still available?
  11. Trolling rod and reel combos Hey guys looking for some decent combos to stock up my arsenal. I'm looking for a couple rigger rods. And a couple rods good for lead core or flatlining. Preferably okuma/penn/daiwa reels. Let me know if anyone has some they wanna get rid of. They need to be in good working order. Thanks
  12. Yankmycrank

    Problems with my foot propelled trolling motor

    Ok great. Thank you very much. Did you hafta take the foot pedal cover right off to replace it?
  13. Problems with my foot propelled trolling motor Hey guys. I have a minn Kota power drive v2 55 lb thrust 12v foot propelled trolling motor on my Lund. It is not even 3 years old. It's a 2014and I bought the boat in 2015. So I've only been using it for 2 years. It was working great and I loved it until the other day when I was out and the motor only worked on speed 6. If I throttled up above 6 or down below 6 the motor just dropped out and stopped running. The only speed the motor would work at all was speed 6. The head turned fine all the time but I could feel the throttle button click off if I tried to speed up or slow down. I was wondering if any of you have had this problem in the past and I was hoping for input on if you think it's the pedal wiring itself or the control wiring or the motor itself? Like I said it worked fine and then all of a sudden it just started happening. Could it be that I pulled on the wire to much and it loosened up the connections. Any input would be greatly appreciated. Thanks