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  1. Hey guy. Looking for a set of good stacker clips to put on my cable so I can get 4 lines off of 2 riggers. Let me know if you have any in good working order you can part ways with. Thanks
  2. oh I was hoping you were near Oswego. I was going to say I’m headed out there this weekend and I would pick them up if you would do all 3 for 120. But I don’t think I am going to make it out to Pittsburgh any time soon. Would you ship to Clifton Park NY for 120$
  3. Where are you located?
  4. Your the best rich! I wanna get back out there with you at least once more before you pull the boat out this year!
  5. Yankmycrank

    Hot summer Browns

    Interesting. I figured they were out deeper in the dog days of summer like this. Thanks for the info
  6. I am looking to expand my arsenal. I need a couple line counter rod and reel combos to set up as lead core rods for Browns. 1 And 2 color. And I need a couple of good line counter reels to set up for 7 color. Ores for salmon and fishing deeper. Let me know if you have some extras in good shape. Nothing out of tune or slipping please. Thanks
  7. I’d like to target Browns in the next couple weeks. I have a small Lund and can’t go a mile off shore for salmon unless it’s a VERY calm day. My question is how deep do you target Browns when the surface temp is as warm as it is right now? I have riggers but I don’t have a fish hawk to find the ideal temps down below. Plus Lake O is quite a commute for me. So I was hoping you guys could give me some pointers to save me a little experimenting time since I’ll only have 2 days out there before I have to head back home. Do you fish tighter to the bottom this time of year? Any help and tips would be greatly appreciated. Thanks. tight lines
  8. I want them. Do you have any pictures?
  9. I can find out. Prob about 40 lbs
  10. I live 15 min north of Albany NY but I will loook in to shipping if your willing to pay a little more
  11. Hey guys. Selling a 4 hp 4 stroke 20” long shaft motor. Doesn’t come with an external gas tank. Just the normal internal tank but it has ports if you want to add an external gas tank later. I believe it’s a 2006. Decent shape. Stalls from time to time but anyone who knows anything about small motors I’m sure could check it out. Perfect little motor for a small boat or a 17’ boat that needs a kicker. Asking 450$ or best offer. PM me if you want pictures. thanks
  12. Yankmycrank

    for sale : usa Free ice shanty

    Hey James, I have already contacted perchjerk Jim in regards to him taking the shanty. If for some reason he can’t pick it up or doesn’t end up wanting it. I will let you know. Thank you for the inquiry
  13. Yankmycrank

    for sale : usa Free ice shanty

    I think it 5’ 10” on on low side and 6’ 2” on the peak side of the roof. It prob weighs 300 lbs. just guessing. I can pull it across the ice myself when there isn’t a lot of snow