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  1. I think it is just quiet in the water and that helps. Up here in Maine at time the big fish get ball shy (I think). So I will run 2 color of lead core behind my ball. At times that is the answer. So I think the stealth of the chute rod so far back all by its lonesome helps. Just my thoughts.
  2. updates please and thank you. Headed that way in a couple days
  3. So all of this gear is in Florida?
  4. Let me say from past practice. I am no means a professional and I will never say I am. I am an "barn yard high risk mechanic". Now with all that out there and no great expectations from my infromation I will continue. Yes what everyone has said is spot on. get everything cleaned up and continue with preventive care. Ok. What caused me issues. Check your carb for little black balls. We went backawrds in the process and found this last. I found that our fuel line was breaking down. Even the filler hose. This hose break down was causing these 'black balls of rubber" to clog the carbs. We found this after the first carb cleaning. So we had to pull things appart again after the fuel lines were replaced. We even found this in the tank. Figuring it came from the filler line. We did this 4 years ago and things have been good since. Probably will have issues next time in it now im bragging a little. Just a I wanted to toss out there. I hope yours is just a simple cleaning. best of luck
  5. Could I get a location on this boat?
  6. Ill be in sodus in couple weeks if you still have it I will buy it. If you can sell prior to my arrival, take the money.
  7. this is the place to stay if you can get a rental.
  8. This is my dream. Oh I wish I could. Been wanting one of these for years
  9. I only run cheaters when I am running a spoons off the ball. This allows the cheater to slide all the way to the bottom spoon after slider is hit. Not allowing this to slide to the "end of the line" will create a twist and mess as you found.
  10. what are they for rods and reels?
  11. Would you ship if I paid shipping?
  12. Looking for 2. I am not in New York so we would need to arrange shipping
  13. wire rods, I am looking for 2.
  14. Look for the Saiff Fleet of boats. They will be working the areas producing. I understand the kings are tight lipped right now, but the browns and lakers are stacked in the area.
  15. piscataquis

    Sold / Closed 1986 AQUASPORT 270XF

    Location? Was this chartered
  16. I am sure some of you know what the "Dougie Crane" rig is. The Kingfisher white paddle. Anybody have it just sitting around and not being used. Looking to replace the lost. Thanks
  17. Glad it worked out. Down speed is key. Great move.
  18. Just keep an eye in your down speed. The currents are tough.
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