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  1. Was the control board. Up and running again
  2. It’s a 2015 and doesn’t have a foot pedal… weird right?
  3. Interesting good to know, just by luck I didn’t charge with it plugged in. I did find a fuse in the head and it was still good to go. I’ll see if it’s the board.
  4. Watched a couple video online, sounds like my control board is toast. I’ll replace and see if that fixes it
  5. in the plug? Or the actual motor? the battery connects are tight
  6. I have a Minn Kota 24v 70lb power drive v2. Fully operational with power left to right turning but no thrust in the motor? Spins for a second and stops. The batteries are full charged via multimeter, on board battery charger and the indicator on Minn Kota. I first thought the batteries were wired wrong but those are fine, then checked the prop to see if something was wrapped around the shaft but it was free… any idea what else to check?
  7. Charger is there just not hooked to 110v, you miss that?
  8. All questions I asked myself too guys! I stuck my head back there and it looks like they are not connected to anything! what's more odd is I found some faint writing and it said "Hummin" and "pro" on the other... I do have hummingbird fishfinger but why the 110 volt? I also see two battery trays in the back so I do think they original guy had two onboard chargers and that is exactly what it was used for even though the weird labeling I will use them as Frogger said and just make charging my batteries that much easier. My charger is under my rod storage and probably a PIA to charge through that storage. Once I add another charger in the back I will route the second one as well.
  9. Thought of something? Extension to my on board battery charger?
  10. Bought a 2015 Lund over the weekend. I am third owner and during inspection I found two after market 110v outlets added. The owner I purchased from said he didn’t put them there and the marina had no clue what the original owner was using them for. Original owner was a troller on canandaigua… any clue what these would be used for? I know some older riggers ran on 110 but never thought they would be added on a newer boat??? pic for reference to the outlet
  11. Yeah I thought it was a little nuts, I questioned him and he said it’s just gone up a lot. Sent from my iPhone using Lake Ontario United
  12. Anyone bought a bag of winter rye yet? Bought a 50lb bag and was shocked to pay 40 bucks. Last year it was 18 I believe? Was it just my supplier or is it like that across the board? Sent from my iPhone using Lake Ontario United
  13. wow thanks for the urea tip guys!! I just went down and checked this weekend after only spreading 50lbs per acre and it looks like it grew a foot in a week!!!
  14. That’s what I thought Sent from my iPhone using Lake Ontario United
  15. Ah yes!!! I do have a two bottom but I didn’t know if it was going to be to much for the little 25hp Sent from my iPhone using Lake Ontario United
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