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  1. I only run cheaters when I am running a spoons off the ball. This allows the cheater to slide all the way to the bottom spoon after slider is hit. Not allowing this to slide to the "end of the line" will create a twist and mess as you found.
  2. what are they for rods and reels?
  3. Would you ship if I paid shipping?
  4. Looking for 2. I am not in New York so we would need to arrange shipping
  5. wire rods, I am looking for 2.
  6. Look for the Saiff Fleet of boats. They will be working the areas producing. I understand the kings are tight lipped right now, but the browns and lakers are stacked in the area.
  7. piscataquis

    Sold / Closed 1986 AQUASPORT 270XF

    Location? Was this chartered
  8. I am sure some of you know what the "Dougie Crane" rig is. The Kingfisher white paddle. Anybody have it just sitting around and not being used. Looking to replace the lost. Thanks
  9. Glad it worked out. Down speed is key. Great move.
  10. Just keep an eye in your down speed. The currents are tough.
  11. any fishing gear included?
  12. Tim Thomas is fishing out of Sodus I believe. My Way Charters could put you in touch with him I bet.
  13. Find Tim Thomas. I think he is the one that sets up the NY Classic Fishing Derby? Maybe that is the name. He has advertised of doing the very thing you mention
  14. What a nice ride. Wish I had a way.
  15. The lanes out of Henderson are starting to show the fish
  16. Somedays I have gone to 2 rods. Keeping things quiet seems to work at times
  17. I have a large lumber mill in town that ships all over New England. I made the mistake and didn't build last fall. So I am doing it now. Talking to the owner of the mill, prices will neve be back to normal. Everything is elevated and it will be the "new normal". Well that's my two cents. It was only worth .5 cents a year ago. I still would like a 255
  18. Things dreams are made of
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