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  1. We pounded the salmon yesterday and today. Yesterday 9 for 18. Some were just rips and before you could get to the rod it was gone. 6 majors 3 teens. Today 7 for 12 and 4 were majors 3 were teens. Great days fishing. Pounding the salmon
  2. piscataquis

    Sold / Closed Mako 228

    Still available? Sent from my iPhone using Lake Ontario United
  3. I am guessing you will find this does have the dog house and this is a nice boat. I wish I could have a 225 as a starter boat. I will help you fish it, if you purchase it.
  4. The 255 I/O will have a dog house. I am 99% sure
  5. Looking forward to another season of post. Man I miss the lake.
  6. Ok I guess I need to be looking into a marina around Oak Orchard. I figured you may be there, last time I was at The Oak was 1988. Glad you are moving some rods, because I have heard some are struggling this year. Just know I do not often wish good things for a YANKEE FAN. HAHAHA. Keep the lines tight my friend.
  7. wish this was an online sale. I need some spoons, reels and stick baits
  8. I heard you need to run to the shipping lanes. Just a rumor Sent from my iPhone using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  9. Rick glad to see you are still doing well out there. We made the drive from Maine last week and only got to Sodus and found some fish. Heard the bite was tough out of Wilson so we pulled up short. I am sure you remember "the reel gang from Maine" We fish with Andy a few years back. How is dad?
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