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  1. I have a 240 Open Fisherman with a 4.3 v6 plenty motor for it and it's easy on gas. I did replace the transom on mine. Make sure you look it over because they are horrible about bad stringers and transoms. Also a shameless plug it is for sale.
  2. Yes pm me your phone number
  3. Yes it is.
  4. Near Erie PA. Nothing wrong with it I bought a bigger boat.
  5. 1988 Thompson 240 Fisherman. Boat has a 4.3 OMC, Boat has a ez loader trailer with electric brakes, 10 rod rocket launcher, anchor, rope, and retrieval ball, two antennas, marine radio. The transom was replaced in 2011. Asking $3,000.
  6. www.epsfa.com
  7. www.epsfa.com
  8. I have an eagle claw and love it.
  9. 2 sets of triples with 16" track $500 2 sets of quads with 24" track $700 (814) 547-6014 Located in Outside of Erie,PA
  10. 1988 Thompson 240 Open Fisherman. 4.3 OMC, Ezloader trailer with electric brakes, travel and mooring cover, new transom in 2011, 10 Big Jon multi set rod holders with 2 48" tracks, 2 Big Jon electric downriggers, Big Jon planer board mast, 10 rod rocket launcher, 2 trolling bags, 150 ft. anchor rope with chain, anchor, and retrieval ball. $5,000 boat is in Erie, PA (814) 547-6014
  11. I have three starboard and three port boards. $10.00 a piece or the whole lot for $54.00 the boards have only been used three times and are in almost new condition.