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  1. Bait and lots of marks down 200 feet seems to be happening a lot this year and i don't know why.
  2. Yes they did try the seeforellen brown but they didn't do well in Lake O. Heard they eat themselves to death(not sure if that's actually true just had an old gentelment tell me that once.) Don't they use the seeforellen brown in Michigan? As I know Michigan's gets some browns that are as big if not bigger then there kings.
  3. Yeah I know they wouldn't work. As not all salmon are the same and that the strain we have was picked because it matures in the lake, is fall spawner and doesn't run as far upstream. The idea about the Kenai straight is just the thought of having kings that mature at a later age and fix the issue of having our salmon mature at age 2 or 3 and instead mature at say 4 and 5.
  4. I would go with practices over genetics if not for one thing. Per the DEC at the state of lake meeting they used to have eye up rates for Coho's around 60% if there practices have always been the same(until the new ideas they are trying) then why the drop. Seems to me the only variable in this cases would be the fish.
  5. just imagine if we got fresh eggs for kings say from the Kenai and the fish from those eggs took well to lake O.
  6. Last I remember they didn't have a great answer other then they where going to take the eggs at a lower temp then before. basically this is an ongoing debate as to why as they used to have eye up rates around 60% now there like 20% sometimes. Personally I think the hatchery process is causing us to have sterile fish and we should get new eggs from out west.
  7. I thought opening weekend wasn't bad but this weekend was pretty tough atleast where I hunted. and I agree more birds and a longer stocking season would be nice. Its sucks having a dog that love to hunt pheasants and to only have a season that's basically 5 weeks long.
  8. Same here now a days the only trib I can stand to fish anymore is the Niagara River, used to fish burt and places like that but I can't take it anymore. And your right you never see any of them at meetings or helping with the pens.
  9. I've often wondered how many people don't go/fish the tribs do to this. You always hear these people spend money in places like Pulaski so we can't ticket them or they won't come back and the town will lose money. But how many people do they turn away by allowing these actions to take place? and would towns actually benefit financially in the long run by actually doing something to stop all of this BS.
  10. the problem is, that isn't just a few Russians its 90% of the trib only guys. I was at the SR last week and it was snag central by basically everyone, I even seen a guy snag a salmon in the upper fly zone and then keep it. NO DEC anywhere. There where ppl walking around the hatchery with there waders on, even though the sign says take your waders off to prevent daisies. but once again DEC wasn't there enforcing it. for the most part I'm not sure how much law enforcement can do as they are extremely out number. Just look at the BS that goes on around the dams at the oak or Burt, do you really want to get in the middle of those guys.
  11. According to the flow rate website they are dropping the water level down to 185CFS. So there goes the 50% natural reproduction if they don't get rain ASAP.
  12. I had friends out of Barcelona and it was small eyes mixed with big eyes.
  13. FF's where the only thing I could get them to hit. Didn't want meat either.
  14. that may have been me. all but the first fish of the day came as a double.
  15. Yeah he didn't miss my planner board by much. I can't believe how he just drove through everyone like that totally I his own little world. I heard you guys yell at him.