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  1. salmonboy41

    Canvas work

    I'm looking to get new Canvas drop curtains for my boat and I was wondering if anyone could recommend someone in the Pulaski NY area.
  2. salmonboy41

    First Timer Looking for Some Advice

    I would go with electric downriggers as i find that on the east end you end up fishing 100 plus feet down that time of year to get to the fish. It also maybe beneficial to take a charter for your first time. It would help shorten the learning curve and may save you some money by showing you what to buy and what not to buy. Or if you are thinking of doing this just as a one time thing it would be a lot cheaper to charter then to buy downriggers and all the lures needed for salmon fishing.
  3. salmonboy41

    Salmon Run

    Don't worry a lot and i mean a lot of salmon made it through the snaggers to spawn.
  4. I had this exact problem on my boat. There is two ways around this issue. They make spark plug wires that wont throw off any interference tho i can't remember what they where called. The other way around this is to run the hawk off of a different battery then what your main engine is running off of.
  5. salmonboy41

    Short Coppers vs LC

    Cooper is nice in that you don't need as much of it to achieve the same depth as LC but I find it a little harder to use as on some reels it can have a tendency to tangle on the reel where LC is more user friendly.
  6. salmonboy41

    Parkway construction

    i believe this when i drive down it and my head doesn't hit the roof of my vehicle.
  7. salmonboy41

    Could All This Snow Bring High Water Again?

    Yeah hate to say it but I'd be extremely surprised this year's water level isn't a total repeat of last years.
  8. salmonboy41

    Well bought another hound dog

    i find that a lot of the time your hound dogs don't seem to chew on things as much as say a lab. But thats just been my experience so far.
  9. salmonboy41

    Walleye fishing in the province of Quebec

    you know that is very true, there really is no need to go to Canada. We where going in the winter so now we just go to the Adirondacks instead.
  10. salmonboy41

    Walleye fishing in the province of Quebec

    I used to go with my family up to a place by Timmins and stopped doing because of the same issues. The walleye, pike, and splake fishing was awesome but not worth the issues at the boarder.
  11. salmonboy41

    AR-15 (.223) ammo for deer?

    I've shot a number of deer with my .222 mag with 55 gr splitzer round. i always shoot them in base of the head and i've never had one move after I shoot it. So if your looking for a round that will work on deer, shot well out of your gun, and you can use it on varmints give one of those a try.
  12. salmonboy41

    2018 Stocking levels

    Agreed and what do you consider native. I get lake trout and Atlantic salmon are native but the strain of both of those fish is gone just like the blue pike so I don't think todays Lake trout and Atlantic's are any more native then kings and Steelhead as there note totally the same fish that was in the lake 200 years ago.
  13. salmonboy41

    greetings rfom Maui, Hawaii

    Don't feel bad about the ocean charter i experience the same thing on the Kenai. A lot of fish around and we just kept doing the same thing with very little results. I think a lot guides in vacation areas like that don't get a lot of experienced anglers.
  14. salmonboy41

    Lake MI, slob

    you could be onto something here as small fish create small fish and big fish create big fish on average, its in there genetics. I know in Alaska they want people to take the jacks and to not touch the big kings so that there genes can be based on.
  15. salmonboy41

    Cold fronts

    the big thing about a cold front when it comes to salmon fishing is it ALWAYS makes the lake NASTY.