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  1. Ok thank you. If you know of another boat for sale from the penn yan family let me know
  2. Please let me know where you stand on the sale
  3. Changing patterns or lures that are working is like leaving fish to find fish. Don't do it. hahahaha
  4. I contacted them and they said they had a buyer lined up. Guess I will try again tomorrow. This was last week
  5. I thought they had a buyer all lined up
  6. 2 - Nadex 8 1/2' rods with Shakespeare Tidewater 30LCL reels spooled with 30lb braid 3 spoons in package29+ spoons out of package pm me about these items. and the dipsy rods
  7. I would check William "Billy" Saiff page on Facebook if you can. He is Saiff Charters and he often post when and where and how things are going in the Eastern Basin. He knows and he is not afraid to share some of his knowledge. Also his place in Henderson is Westview Lodge and he has board in the lodge with the happenings on the lake. Show that he is promoting the fisheries in a positive way for the fisherman.
  8. I agree Nick great info. I use to get that way a lot but not anymore, but love following the fishing on this site.
  9. I agree they do not make the Penn Yan's anymore but I bet somebody has a good used one for sale.
  10. Is their a post on here already with boat photos. I am in the process of looking and I am just looking for the boat with the right lines. I would like to be able to see the 20-25 foot boats out there on the water so I can dig deeper. Just so many quality makers and living in an area that large fishing boats are used, its hard to know where to look. The dream is a 25 Penn Yan but need more options. Any help out there. Just post your make and model of boat and maybe a photo. Thanks look forward to seeing this upcoming info.
  11. Oh I miss fishing out there like I use too. But I really enjoy keeping up on the fishing with these post. Thanks for posting the ups and downs.
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