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  1. Still for sale. This is a great unit.
  2. It is my understanding as stated above about the captains license. I hold a captains license but am not a charter. I decided to get it in hopes of having a nice retirement job some day. I work a full time job that requires a lot of overtime most weeks so my time on the water is very limited. Hard to compete in the pro division with guys who charter and have a great network of friends on the water everyday and know where the fish are. I have to figure it out every time I get on the water. By no means am I putting them down but I just don't feel like making a financial donation just to say i fished a pro am. And yes every dog has its day but I think you get my point. I love to fish and like the competitive nature of tourneys which is why I do fish the smaller events like the challenges.
  3. Unit is in very good condition and comes with navionics chip. 12 inch screen is nice to see those marks!!!! Has all hardware except for the thru-hull transducer that went with the boat it came off of. So you will need a transducer. Located near Oswego. Price is 500$
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