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  1. I don't believe the auto stops work but honestly cant remember. Either way someone is going to great a great deal on 4 riggers for that price. Matt is just looking to get them out of his garage as he has no need for them. They are not high speeds they are the mag 10. I believe he has several interested people so please call and check to see if still available. Soon as he lets me know they are sold I will close the ad.
  2. 4 cannon downriggers Helping a friend looking to sell 4 cannon mag 10. They came off a boat bought last season and replaced with scotty riggers. They are fully functional. He is looking to sell for 450$ for all 4. Name is Matt 315-447-0116. Located in the mexico ny. Any questions should be directed to him.
  3. We fished saturday evening and went 2 for 3 on kings. Nothing to brag about. One skippy and one around 5 lbs, no idea on the one we lost. Took the two fish on a 40 down rigger but the one we lost was on a diver out 280. Marked very few fish.
  4. Also don't overlook cheaters on rigger rods. Some of my biggest browns came on a cheater spoon that i could see looking down in the water right behind the boat. Noise doesn't bother them all.
  5. You might want to consider adding a split shot or two. You may be fishing to high. Sticks usually out produce spoons for me on browns.
  6. subtroll 900 Have everything you need except coated rigger cable. Came with boat i bought last season. Worked well but im used to my hawk. Also has extra probe but not sure if that one works as i didn't try it. 250$
  7. Marina info

    Worst salesman ever. I tried to buy a boat there once. Wanted a test drive before purchase. With multiple calls made with no return I finally gave up. Best of luck you'll need it.
  8. Wrights landing

    I took a drive down last night. Launch is iced in but if you have a small boat you could possibly get in under bridge street bridge. Saw a drift boat being taken out there last night.
  9. SI / DI sonar best for under $1000

    I just bought a brand new in the box helix 7 off ebay for 360$ Hope it works well. I've heard a lot of good things about birds so giving it a try. I only needed it for sonar as well.
  10. Screwy Lewys in Fair Haven. No extra big fish. I just signed up today. $50 entry
  11. Why can't I catch Mature Kings?

    could always tune your speed in with a thumper rod, thats how i first started
  12. 91 pro hunter

    is boat in mexico? i would like to take a look
  13. Ugly Stick Dipsy rod

    Hey Mike I'll take it.
  14. I would like to get this back to owner. Describe it and its yours.
  15. Headed to Mex Pt August 1

    Plenty of kings around now. Fished this past Friday and Saturday. Friday we did 6 for 7 and Saturday 5 for 8