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  1. subtroll 900 Have everything you need except coated rigger cable. Came with boat i bought last season. Worked well but im used to my hawk. Also has extra probe but not sure if that one works as i didn't try it. 250$
  2. Worst salesman ever. I tried to buy a boat there once. Wanted a test drive before purchase. With multiple calls made with no return I finally gave up. Best of luck you'll need it.
  3. I took a drive down last night. Launch is iced in but if you have a small boat you could possibly get in under bridge street bridge. Saw a drift boat being taken out there last night.
  4. I just bought a brand new in the box helix 7 off ebay for 360$ Hope it works well. I've heard a lot of good things about birds so giving it a try. I only needed it for sonar as well.
  5. Screwy Lewys in Fair Haven. No extra big fish. I just signed up today. $50 entry
  6. could always tune your speed in with a thumper rod, thats how i first started
  7. is boat in mexico? i would like to take a look
  8. Hey Mike I'll take it.
  9. I would like to get this back to owner. Describe it and its yours.
  10. Plenty of kings around now. Fished this past Friday and Saturday. Friday we did 6 for 7 and Saturday 5 for 8
  11. ok going to take a look I know right where it is
  12. what year? where at mikes is it docked?
  13. Your boat is very nice. Just sold mine and if I was going to stay in a boat this size I would be all over it. Very surprised this is still for sale
  14. More of a shake down cruise for us, 1st trip of the year.
  15. Better than us. We tried for browns fished from the little river to the big and back never moved a rod.