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  1. I have a brand new in the box set of Mercruiser manifolds with bolt and plug kit. They are Sierra brand. I have pleasure craft motors and due to the lack of being able to get the parts. I tried to make the Mercruisers work. They would work but I would have to change exhaust configuration. In the meantime, my back ordered PCMs came in, so I’ll be using them. I paid $750. I will take $650. Central Square area but will meet within a reasonable distance. I have another set that one side will be new and other side slightly used if the rest of my PCM order ever comes through.
  2. I’d be interested in torpedoes
  3. Interested in your pump. When would be a good time to meet?
  4. How many you have? What color?
  5. Ok. A little far. Appreciate the response
  6. When would be a good time to take a look? Would you pm me a phone number I could call you on?
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