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  1. I assume well, don't actually know cause I never used them... they came with a boat that I recently sold
  2. I have two 9 pound fish shaped downrigger weights, covered in an orange rubbery material $50 for the pair Can meet in Canandaigua Tom 585-554-6636
  3. Tadman, If you are still looking there is a 29 on Ebay in Islip, NY... had a client look at it and said it wasn't too bad but decided to go elsewhere. Just thought I would help TJ Penn Yan Boats
  4. pennyanguy

    Removing hardtop

    Longbow, If you are interested in discussing options give me a call TJ Penn Yan Parts 585-554-6636
  5. DJ, If you still have it give me a call, I might be able I might be able to help TJ Penn Yan Parts 585-554-6636
  6. Ryno, Contact me about your 255 when you can TJ Penn Yan Parts 585-554-6636
  7. Esso, How do I contact you?
  8. Tried txting you...I wont be back in CA till 2-3pm... is that too late for you. Call my cell 516-652-6855
  9. Both DR have cable on them (not sure what kind or how much) and both have power cords. I will get the ser # and check with Cannon...but will not be able to till Friday. Located just south of Canandaigua
  10. I have no idea, is there a way to determine that?
  11. 1 Cannon Digitroll II and one Cannon Mag 10, both with single rod holder NO SWIVEL BASES $325 for the Digi,,, $300 for the Mag 10