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  1. I’m headed to lake this week gonna fish lake however I have a 17 foot aluminum of lake is to rough wanna head into estuary any advice on how they fish it and any low spots to stay away from
  2. What size dipsey do most use on the lake
  3. You don’t run a flasher with the spoon
  4. We are planning on running five rods theee down riggers two dipsey divers any suggestions on how many of them should be meat rigs flys and spoons
  5. Plan on running five rods mostly because small boat. Three riggers two dipsey what are some opinions on how many meat rigs flys and spoons
  6. We will be using riggers and dipsey divers just starting out any info on must have flashers , flies meat rigs, lures we should have on boat with us info much appreciated
  7. Looking for any info for trolling for salmon on Lake Ontario. IE troll speed at ball. How far back from ball are you running rigs any help would be appreciated ty
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