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  1. I think thats my plan. I have zero experience with this type of repair, but I can’t find anyone interested in doing it. Thanks for your input....maybe I have a chance..lol
  2. Do you know anyplace I can have that done? I doubt that’s in my wheel house.
  3. Check out Great Lakes Planers. The guy who runs the business is Tony. https://www.greatlakesplaners.com/
  4. What’s the best way to repair the door hatch cracking? I was thinking about using the West Marine System....looking for some advice. Thanks
  5. Great information...thank you!
  6. I have a Raymarine Axiom 12RV MFD and am considering a new radar system to replace the older vintage radar on my boat today which is approximately 12 years old and only accessible on the older C70. Does anyone have any experience, installation or other with this product? WiFi shouldn’t be an issue in Oswego, but I’m not sure I have the experience to tackle this without some guidance. Looking at install manual, it appears the only cable is a power cable. Thanks PM
  7. Thanks for the input...I really appreciate it.
  8. Has anyone with a 30’ boat or larger launched at this site? If so are there any challenges associated with it and if so what? I’m planning an early May trip to fish Chamount but have concerns about launching considering I can’t get in touch with any of the Marina’s for direction. Thanks
  9. 2 Digi-Troll 10’s for sale. Both units are less than a year old. Bought a new boat and went with the Cannon Optimum’s. Excellent running riggers. If interested call Paul (518) 817-5272. $1,850.00 for the set
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