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  1. Get ahold of Fishy for twin minnows. He has a good quantity in stock.
  2. message Reel Stories on here. He is the GoTo Person for this show. In the passed there has been a waiting list. Good luck and hope to see you there. Fishy
  3. There is a show at the Alexander FD on March 18th from 9-1.
  4. Where are you located? I have seen them used for fishing trout trolling slow.
  5. #12 maxima ultra green 3300yds line for sale $135.00
  6. Fishy

    for sale : usa WANTED

    Call Fishy at (607)368-2306. He has all that for sale. Near Keuka Lake State Park.
  7. Fishy has many reels in stock that will hold your leadcore. Has leadcore,poles also. Check with him for prices. All new.
  8. Are you willing to sell for $25.00 shipped to 14478 ?
  9. Are you will to sel for $25.00 shiped to 14478
  10. You can call Fishy, he has some to sell you. Just tell him what length and with or without twirl-tips. Pm him here.
  11. Better to buy new, sometime you are buy problems that others don’t want to mess with. Buy new and enjoy a quality product. Check with Fishy Business, he has many new Okuma reels and rods in stock.
  12. Fishy has one blue diamond 8 ft Dipsy rod $50.00 and twirl tips for $12.00
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