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  1. Fishy

    Keuka 6/23

    Black/purple. Green/yellow. 60-80 ft down.
  2. Fishy

    Keuka Sewer Problems

    Any lure Black /Purple or Green/Yellow and Perch colored will do the trick.
  3. Fishy

    Fishy Business

    Fishy is open Monday,Wednesday ,Thursday,Friday from 9-4,Sat from 6AM -2PM.He is around Tuesday and Sundays if not paying bills or out enjoying the lake himself. He drives the Menninites so might not be there so call first if driving a long distance.
  4. Fishy

    Iron duke flies

    Fishy Business on Keuka Lake has some in stock
  5. Fishy

    Northern King Lures are back .

    Fishy Business on Keuka Lake has 6 different colors in two different sizes in stock.Check them out when in the area.
  6. Fishy

    First time pulling copper.

    PM sent to FishingTheFL
  7. Fishy

    First time pulling copper.

    $ 200 for each
  8. Fishy

    First time pulling copper.

    Fishy Business in Branchport by State Park has two copper victrols for sale.
  9. Fishy traded in a 24 ft Stingray at krinzer Marine in Sodus Point. Very good all around Fishing Boat. No Downrigger, but lorance fish/ gps, vhf radio. Etc.
  10. Fishy

    Sawbellies in stock anywhere?

    Bubba Bait in Pultney is listing for $8.00 a dozen,check with them.Tell him Fishy send you to him.
  11. Fishy

    Keuka fishing

    50 degrees by state park Monday night
  12. Fishy

    Gimbal rigger mounts

    What length and kind of boat are you looking at. Fishy is looking at a center console too.
  13. Fishy

    Spin N Glos

    Fishy is located on Keuka Lake.He has a well stocked store,the largest in the area.Has many #2's and some smaller one within reach when store is open.Rigged and unrigged.
  14. Fishy

    Spin N Glos

    Fishy has a very good selection. Just message him here. Size 2s
  15. Fishy

    Anyone seen the Penn Yan launch/outlet?

    By this week you should be able to get south of the water treatment plant.People were fishing by outlet on Monday.Open water on the west side coming out of outlet today all the way down.Tight lines.Fishy