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  1. While you are standing outdoors till 9;00 39 degrees with 30% chance of rain.Then it warms up. .
  2. For those looking for new items,Fishy Business will be in the north east corner of the building.Between the food and back door.Also will have Mrs. Fishy's items for sale.
  3. Unless it changed this year,only if you are aiding in fishing. Netting,driving or handling poles,then you need a licence On page #6,54 in new fishing guide, give you the answer as I stated before.
  4. Fishy Business will be there with NEW items too.
  5. Yes Fishy Business was there selling NEW, not used items.For having problems getting set up ,we did good enough to sign up for the 2018 show.We sold most of our items before the talk by the charter captains,there for the first 2 hours.You never know what to bring to sell,somethings go and some dont. The only thing I can say is if you want to see what stores have in stock,visit them and not cut them down in what they bring to the shows they do. Thank you Fishy
  6. Fishy Business will be there.
  7. Fishy Business near Keuka Lake State Park can fill your needs with a complete store filled with lots of Seth Green Rig products. Call them at (607)368-2306 Roller tip .Poles,sinkers,swivels,bead chain,line,etc.
  8. March 26,2017 From 9 AM - 2 PM. Clute Park,south end of Seneca Lake by the boat launch.Fishy Business will be there sell their stock.
  9. Fishy Business is on Keuka Lake.Not in your scope of area,but does wheel and deal. Call him at (607)368-2306.
  10. Fishing Shows in the area Here are some fishing tackle shows in the area: March 11,2017 Brewerton Fire Dept. 9 till 1 or 2 March 25,2017 Alexander Firemen's Rec. Hall 9 till 2 pm March 26,2017 Watkins Glen Community Hall 9 till 2 pm All these shows Fishy Business, from Keuka Lake, will be attending to sell their products.If you are not in the buying mood ,just stop and say hi to my staff. Thank you Fishy.
  11. The registration form states the show opens to the public at 9:00 AM.Show runs from 9-2 PM. Fishy Business will be there again this year in the north east corner. Thanks Fishy
  12. Yes the show at Brewerton is MARCH 11,2017
  13. Show March 11,2017 at the Brewerton fire station. March 25th at Alexander Fd. March 26th at Watkins Glen Community center.
  14. Blood Run make a sea flea line. Fishy business on Keuka lake stocks it