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  1. I got the same housing from Nemesis too. It's an odd feeling sending the camera down, hoping I didn't forget to do something and a relief when it comes back ok.
  2. It was about 5:30am when I passed you....I said hmmmmm I wonder if that's Marty headed out.
  3. Way to go! What time did you launch, I think I may have passed you on my way in for work?
  4. Way to go Marty. It's been a few weeks since I've been able to get out fishing. I too have forgotten the stern straps...
  5. It is. I went by yesterday as the fencing was being put in place. Here is a link to the website. http://www.hydrobowl.com/index.htm Here is a course map. http://www.hydrobowl.com/forms/HydroBow ... %20Map.pdf
  6. I am interested. I tried to send you an email but it came back delivery failure. I sent you a PM too.
  7. I agree. I've called them up to place orders over the phone in the past, the next day I normally have my stuff. I finally made it down to the store on Thursday to pick up a couple daiwa saltist reels they ordered for me. They absolutely crushed any price I could find online or the big box store . The kids and I walked around the store for a bit, the store is stocked with loads and loads of stuff.
  8. He has been there when I needed his help too.
  9. I own a 2005 Tracker Targa 16 WT. I purchased it new in 2006 as a leftover model. I have not had a single problem with the boat. The boat is used on the Finger Lakes. If/when I purchase a new boat again, Tracker boats will be on my list to look at.
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