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  1. I think you may have answered your own question. Does the 958 have stand alone GPS nav charts ? If not then when you don't tie into the 998 you would lose them....... seem like if you tied the 998 to the 958 bow it would also lose them.
  2. Yes , different toggle switch and board about $100.00 in parts. You can see how the other one is wired inside and follow that. VERY important wire wrong and you fry the board.
  3. You right if the board was shot the motor would not run with changing the toggle switch from three prong to four or the other way around...... Been awhile since I did that to mine......
  4. Screwy Louie has the 10a circuit boards. $75 for the last one I bought , but you can change the toggle switches out to make it work without Auto-Stop.
  5. They also have some sleves on the rigger shaft that wear out and could cause drag on the motor. They don't make them for the 10A any more but you can trim the knob off the mag 10 so they will fit the 10a also a good lube helps. I have a bunch in the barn , my son thought the motors could be rebuilt but I upgraded in the mean time.
  6. Seneca

    If your are at your camp watch straight across the lake from and north. Good luck.
  7. There are other ones out there , a buddy of mine gave me smaller size that 4 of them came in a bag with a zipper, use these for my go,to lures. I'll check and see if they are in the boat and let you know that outfit Pap , maybe I left them in the shed at fishcamp.....
  8. Pap turn them over so the back side is in the sun , had a few cook the paint on some spoons when I was in my boat hoist with out a roof on it. Now I keep that in mind at the end of the day. GREAT product !!!!!
  9. Happy New year !!!
  10. I had a lot of issues with mine , the latest up-dates seem to help a lot ready to NOT trust what you see on the screen and turn the unit off to reset.
  11. That's what I thought Les just got into it a little over a year , worst that e-mails...LOL
  12. Jason OakesYesterday at 1:16am Changes to the derby for 2017. In addition to what was previously posted, these are the final changes. We did not adopt the proposal to make lake trout only for grand prize. It will remain as it has been. A new payment schedule has been approved as follows. ( im not going to go all the way through all categories. Just top prizes) Grand prize: $7500 1st place lake trout:$3000 1st place brown, rainbow and llS: $1500 All other minor categories will remain, but there is additional money coming in to support changes to some of them. Those changes will be announced soon. Additionally, we will raffle 2 charters to be on either Seneca or Lake Ontario. They have been provided by Reel Stories and ReelDilema charters (I hope I spelled them correctly) . They are redeemable at award ceremony.You must be present to win. We did not receive the $10,000 grant we had anticipated, but we did manage to raise over 5,000 and possibly more from local business's. That money will soon be appropriated. The boat raffle has been removed. We will be selling raffle tickets for $4000 in cash to the winner. We decided to drop the idea of a 50/50 at the moment. Too much banking and confusion at the present time. We will be addressing other internal issues soon. Changes to real time reports, web issues, fish id and other issues are on the books for the coming months. This will be the end of changes made for the payouts to the 2017 derby. We will continue to build on this and plans are well in the works for 2018 season. Some exciting ideas are being discussed and I hope you all approve of the changes so far. Good luck to you all this coming season! We are excited to hear your opinions and concerns and look forward to providing an experience you all will approve of and have stories to last generations. Please post and share this... We are dependent on your participation to help us grow. The more we can grow, the bigger the prizes we can offer. Thank you!