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  1. MOST= what jimski2 said.....
  2. There are a lot of good spoon pads out there , the one with the bag is made by Hook-Um. This bag is great keeping your spoons out of the sun when done for the day but no reason you could not fine a bag to use on the other pads.
  3. Sold / Closed

    I guess if you don't like the post/replies don't read's all good with me just looking for more support for the site if you're just here to make a buck , buck up
  4. That's the way mine is now. I have a splitter around not sure how to hook it up. Are you also going to have a dash unit with transducer on transom ?
  5. I sent a PM , I'm going down to see Dan now. here the one he sent out.
  6. 1988 Boston Whaler Temptation 22’ Guy in the park here has his for sale ,, I know someone was looking last year , it a good looking boat!!!! 1988 Boston Whaler Temptation 22’ (Purchased new in 1999 for $21,300 – SHOWROOM MODEL) 1993 Mercury 275 HP Motor and 2000 Shoreland Trailer Well maintained. Current Asking Price: $8500 Photo: Miscellaneous Equipment: TARPS: Small over passenger area tarp, Large over boat (has a couple holes) tarp, very large (for storage with supporting members) tarp, Bimini tarp Many ropes, side bumpers for docking (4) On Board: Toilet, Storage Container, Fishing Tackle Shelf, Swimmer’s Ladder, Floor Rug, Fire Extinguisher, Anchor, Pillows, Cushions, Battery Switch
  7. Sold / Closed

    I stand by my post , if all you want out of this site is to sell stuff at least go to PRO status.
  8. for sale : usa

    I'm at camp , what would be better 1/2 way from here or when you are at camp ?
  9. for sale : usa

    Sounds good , where and when do you want to meet!!!