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  1. I don't know much about Seneca perch but I did a LOT of calico/crappie fishing down home. I would be doing good on them and then lite bite and miss. I found out a school of perch would come in and to get them to hit better they needed some meat on the hook.
  2. do you have a link to your web site ?

  3. What's tight lipped ? The perch or the reports ?
  4. I also got one of these helps a lot..... Ironwood 0081 Top-Snapper Fastening Tool Makes snapping boat covers and tops easy Dual stainless steel blades to align and fasten inside and outside snaps Ideal for unsnapping snaps without damaging the canvas Works on corroded snaps and shrunken canvas Easy-to-grip rubberized handle Lifetime warranty
  5. If you just want to drag bottom for lakers , I took a finned cannon ball drilled a small hole in bottom ( careful lead hangs up the drill bit ). I then put a screw eye in hole , made a mono line up with snap hooked to old logging chain, dropped that to bottom if it hung up only lost the chain and a snap.
  6. I have at least one sitting in the barn at home. Just came back up to fish camp I'll let ya know but it will be awhile....
  7. Seneca

    You work for them ?
  8. Seneca

    If you have a drain valve and a fill valve for the tank seems like only ONE should be open. If they are automatic easy system to set-up. If they are hand operated then Les nailed it unless he/she was following orders. Then fire the boss....
  9. 35,000 gal spill UPDATE: Yates County, Village of Penn Yan, Sewage Discharge, Keuka Lake Outlet East of Fox's Mill Rd, Entered Seneca Lake Issued August 24 2017 3:04 PM by Penn Yan (V) STP How Soon Responsive action SHOULD be taken immediately How Severe Significant threat to life or property How Likely Determined to have occurred or to be ongoing Affects: New York - Yates - Dresden, New York - Yates - Milo, New York - Yates - Penn Yan, New York - Yates - Torrey Summary Expires: 8/31/2017 1:31 PM ... Location of Discharge: Keuka Lake Outlet Trail, Penn Yan, NY 14527, USA Additional Address Info: Storm drain adjacent to Reed bed Name of Waterbody Affected: Keuka Lake Outlet, Seneca Lake Description of Discharge: Treated Sludge from Secondary Digester Potential public area(s) impacted: The following public areas were potentially impacted: Fishing Area: Keuka Lake Outlet Facility name: Penn Yan (V) STP, Facility ID: NY0029726 Date and Time of Discharge: Aug 23 2017 4:00PM Duration of Discharge: 14.5 hours ended. Reason for Discharge: Other: Valve left open after transfer Volume or Rate of Discharge: 35000 Gallons (Estimated) Treated State of Discharge: Partially Treated Without Disinfection Steps Taken to Contain Discharge: Closed valve, constructed earthen berm on paved surface to contain standing water. Installed earthen coffer dam in receiving ditch and Vacuumed remaining material from ditch with Vacuum Truck For more information on this and other discharges, visit SPRTK
  10. I've said that a number of times without any thing to back it. Just that Cayuga fishing came back so fast , with all the fish that were killed by the over amount of lamprey because of the high water. Then the three larger lakes west of them had a decline in there fishing !!!!! Now with a bad spring again wonder what will happen there in the next year or so with the lamprey.
  11. I saw that boat in the rain during the storm the day before. Was not sure if it was DEC or from the sonar unit. Then next morning saw a marked out in front then they showed up. Looked like one in 17' to maybe 30' and one other out in around a 100' in front of my camp.
  12. I saw the fish also just one day , about 25% were shot , they had one laker in the 10#+ class. If you get more info on all the testing and #,s they took I would like to see that report. THANKS for the reply.