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  1. You get too close they will let you know......
  2. Look like 10As , take the motor off and see if housing has any cracks, If no cracks they are a steal at your price.....
  3. Got someone else with one ? My old one on the old boat would only transmit on one watt setting and not the other...... was messing with it one day with the handheld unit on and found out this problem........ only other time was with new boat new radio , re-did the solder job on the antenna coaxial it work fine since......antenna up
  4. Check the solder and any corrosion
  5. Sweet , brings back memories when my Gracy usta fish with me !!!!
  6. West side with great nephews in the boat running brown/landlock program in August would have been 60' to 80' down hit a small spoon.......
  7. Finger Lakes and Other Inland Waterways Finger Lakes Discussion I-81 North through Binghamton construction update
  8. IBM launch private.....
  9. X2 To get to Dresden Bay
  10. Ok , you don't gain much from Severn about a mile , no charge at Severn so far.
  11. Not sure how that works , I know some in my camp here use it. If anyone wants to know I'll check when I get up to camp , parking may be a issue.
  12. If it was a beaver I could just put a head of cabbage out !!!!!
  13. Thanks , mine are getting bigger , just keep on keeping on with them I guess but looking like crap where they have ate away at siding......I fix that after boat season .....LOL