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  1. Complete kit ready to hook up. Comes with Dual beam transducer, mounting bracket, GPS Puck, covers, and all wiring. Can provide a video of it working when removed from the boat in June. The boat was sold and new owner wasn’t using it for fishing. This unit has caught me many many Lakers. $900 Canadian
  2. Hi Ed; I will be running with one Digi Troll II and the new Digi Troll 10. I am going to sell the one that works still but has no display. It is already set up with the manual counter that you instructed me on last year. I want to sell it and use the money to get the Cannon link I need to hook the 10 up to my Humminbird 937c to bottom track. I can't wait. I am also looking at the Intellitroll as well, it looks interesting. Wendy
  3. I will ask for you Big Dave, I am looking for an older brother
  4. Cannon Digi Troll II for sale Display is not operational, but key pad is. Auto up and down work fine. I have installed a manual counter on it for depth. 250 ft cable. Has dual rod holder, swivel base. It is still mounted on the boat and could be shown to be working. $225.00 I am located in Portland, Ontario, Canada
  5. Thanks for all the advice guys, really appreciate it. I had my parents show up here tonight with a brand new Digi Troll 10. I am soooo excited. I can hook it up to my Humminbird and have it bottom track....I can not wait until opening day. I have been fighting with this downrigger display issue since last June, with no way to repair the display. I thought maybe someone out there had figured out a way to install a new display if the rest of the control pad was working. No such luck. Oh well ...goodbye Digi II, hellloooo Digi 10.
  6. Has anyone heard of someone who can repair a Digi Troll II display. The control box works fine, but the display blew up. I installed an external counter on the unit, but I would love to be able to use all the functions of the unit. Thanks for any help Wendy
  7. Humminbird 937c has been absolutley amazing for us, great resolution, clear, tracks depths at higher speeds than our Lowrance did. Easy to operate and set up was no problem. Has GPS as well which works great. No problem getting updated charts/maps for it.
  8. I am lucky to have a Dad who used to be a serious trout fisherman, he wants me to have as much fun doing it as he did for years. Gotta Love him! I will try the counter and gears though and we will see. I was doing well without the Digi 10, so why go high end if I dont need to. I will let you know if I have any problem getting the counter and gears on , thanks again for the help Wendy
  9. We have fished lakers in summer and winter and am always worried about releasing them. This winter while ice fishing I caught a nice one, but already had some in the freezer so I decided to let it go. I had my Flasher hooked up and still in the hole when I put it back. I watched the fish on the flasher go right back down to bottom, I did not burp it as I had brought it up slowly. It made me feel better watching the fish go back down to 75 feet no problem.
  10. Thanks for the tip on the counter reel Tangleweed,I did try one last Sunday, but I didn't trust it and was worried about catching my ball on bottom and ripping the side of my boat off ...lol. I think I will try this external counter first on the Downrigger. If I am not happy with that my parents are wanting to get me a DigiTroll 10 that will link with my Hummingbird 937C to bottom track. We'll see how it works out this weekend, and like I said previous, if I can figure out the Transducer angle to be able to see both downrigger balls on the screen I will be laughing. Thanks again Wendy
  11. Thanks for the pics Ed, I did order the parts you listed from a Cannon supplier here in Ontario, should have them by Friday. If I can figure out how to set up my Hummingbird 937C to see the ball depth I should be in good shape, right now I can't see it on the screen. Transduce angle??? Not sure yet. Thanks again Ed, I will let you know how many Lakers we get this weekend
  12. Thanks Ed , I think this will work, all I need to know is my depth and I am good to fish again. I cant have my husband outfishing me Where does the counter mount on the unit? Wendy
  13. I called Cannon directly today, and they told me the control pad for the Digi Troll II is no longer available. Offered me 25% off a new unit of my choice, until they found out I am in Canada...no discount...costs too much to ship and then brokerage fees coming across the border. Anybody know of an attachmnt that would go on to count the depth? The only problem I have with it is that I cant see the depth display.
  14. Thanks Tangleweed1, I will call them, but from what I am understanding the Digi Troll II control pad is no longer available. I am hoping I am wrong. I tried it again this morning, it worked for about 20 min, then the display went to 888 again. I removed the control pad to see if there was any way to repair it, but the underside of the unit is sealed with a gel, I didnt want to remove it as the downrigger still works otherwise. I wonder if an external depth counter could be attached to the cable somehow....just thinking outloud.
  15. Downrigger works well otherwise, all other functions and controls operate normally, it is only the display that wont work. I just cant see the numbers, they are all eights. 888. I tried removeing the control pad to check it , but it is sealed in a clear jell and I am not sure if the display can be fixed or replaced seperately. It looks like the control pad is no longer available to purchase. Can anyone give me guidance?
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