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  1. if you would not mind Les you could send to me.....thanks
  2. I think if you have a ticket from Samson to hang on your windshield you can launch at Deans Cove for free .... ask the park guys.....good luck
  3. http://www.weny.com/story/38770165/e-coli-bacteria-flows-into-seneca-lake?utm_medium=social&utm_source=facebook_WENY_Tony_Chiavaroli
  4. WATKINS GLEN, N.Y. (WENY) – The Seneca Lake swimming area near Clute Park has been closed off to the public since this past Friday. After all the rain last week, E-coli bacteria has reportedly found its way into the waters. Clute Park and New York Department of Health officials are very serious about keeping the public out of the water. Other than some ducks and seagulls, the swimming area was quiet with E-coli warning signs posted along the shores from the southern tip of the lake. Closed off since Friday, the water has not been deemed swimmable as of today, with the main cause of the scare being related to spilled sewage last week. Clute Park Co-Head Lifeguard Lucas Wickham told WENY, “Back on Friday afternoon there was a spillage at one of the sewage centers down at Montour Falls due to the overage of water from all the rain we had.” “It flowed down the canal into the southern end of the lake. My manager ran over here and told us we had to close the water immediately.” With 3 days of accumulating rain, the spill overflowed into the canal which runs along canal street in Mountour Falls. Then making their way along the canal path near Catherine Street and under the North Catherine Street Bridge, the contaminants from the sewage plant containing the bacteria emptied into Seneca Lake. Making the water very unsafe for the time being. Wickham added, “We had to really downsize our lifeguards everyday because we can't allow people in the water. My fellow lifeguard Olivia and I are here to make sure no one touches the water. Coming in contact at all with the water is dangerous and you could contract E-coli.” Today the water was tested again by the New York State Department of Health, but no results have been made available as of this evening.
  5. Thats what I got when searched old new nothing right now , it is a problems thats why I asked if it was right now.......if it is may get some national news with race weekend here and now !!!!!!!
  6. Is that recent , can not find any info on a search
  7. 95. To. 115 , Lakers , land lock and small bow 55
  8. 6 for 8 today nothing big but nice eaters.....
  9. I think it coats it like freezing in water is some better than nothing but fresh is best
  10. been thinking about that for my rigger rods I use for dodger/flasher/spindoctors hold up the whole season ???? 30# pink usta do it but not for years now
  11. Carol and I got back out the other day plan was to hit the same area where I fished with her brother Bill.... got over there and wind was coming from north and picking up. So ran above Samson to first point turned and set up just three rods.......picked up a 5.5# laker and boxed it......92 feet down back 12 feet 96 feet of water dodger peanut .....after a bit turned and went back up , picked a 18" laker close to same spot......go to starting point tuned and back thru......nothing this time so we stayed heading south looking for some sliver fish ......picked up one sub legal laker , two misses then called it went back to camp
  12. Sounds good Ill get some and give it a try. thanks
  13. I LOVE that coating trying to cut back some....LOL
  14. If you don't plan on eating them right away good way to freeze , most times for me at least 1 hour in mix is good , over night is the best Sorry took so long to get back to you....
  15. It was Walmart or Tops not sure , make a nice thin coating......got the LL and the rainbow soaking in milk mixture sounds like fish fry for dinner.....
  16. Got out on the water with Carols brother Bill yesterday.....hot but we got a few......small landlock with 12" lamprey on it , 20" rainbow with lamprey scar , 3 more hits but lost , nice to get out on the water with Bill.......
  17. you want a very good laker to eat follow Rays info above' pick the dark and orange tip fin ones , remove skin , all bones , all grey fat , as much of the lateral line as you can , soak in egg+milk+paprika over night ,,, cut into chucks , dip in batter , deep fry..... Smoke the big ones , add some real maple syrup just before done.....
  18. Not now , LOL . he was a good fish fry......i gave half the brown away , i deep fried the rest yesterday , I cleaned up the pieces remove ALL bones , then put them in milk , paprika , for a day and then in freezer , took them out yesterday , put the best tasting deep fry I've had , some cocktail sauce on the side !!!!!!!
  19. Well Les I guess that brown would have made someone very happy , in the derby
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