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  1. congrats to everybody on some amazing deer, sometimes I feel like you guys are hunting a different state than I am haha, impressive!!
  2. I agree with sk8man, the application process is very complex and involves weeks of prep and constant monitoring during treatment. Lampricide concentrations must stay within very specific range within the stream for hours during treatment. If concentrations are too low it is not effective, if they are too high can harm non target species such as amphibians and fish. If water levels in stream are too high/low during treatment window (they have to have permit for treatment that dictates treatment window so DEC cannot just wait for the right time) or unstable cannot be done safely and once a treatment is missed the ammocoetes (lamprey larvae) will get into the lake and cannot be targeted and must finish their parasitic adult stage 1-2 yrs before we are rid of that yar class. In Seneca Lake Catherine creek is the major nursery and if treatment is missed on this stream we will have a couple years of bad predation. On bigger systems (champlain, great lakes) missing one trib won't cause as much damage. Either way it sucks but it is the imperfect nature of the treatment process. Luckily we have a chemical that can be used effectively and safely to target lampreys or else we would have almost no salmonid fishery in Seneca from what I understand.
  3. Wow congrats to you guys, what a beast!!
  4. great report, beautiful fish!!
  5. looks like a great day out on the water with your family
  6. Nice fish, can't imagine dragging him sideways....
  7. congrats on the bird! cool trailcam pic
  8. Good for you man, way to keep at it!
  9. I feel your pain, I had that bird come so close last week and some other close encounters since. Keep at it and enjoy being out there!
  10. Thats awesome he can help folks have success
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