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  1. great report, beautiful fish!!
  2. looks like a great day out on the water with your family
  3. Nice fish, can't imagine dragging him sideways....
  4. congrats on the bird! cool trailcam pic
  5. Good for you man, way to keep at it!
  6. I feel your pain, I had that bird come so close last week and some other close encounters since. Keep at it and enjoy being out there!
  7. Thats awesome he can help folks have success
  8. thanks, yes I have been looking at upgrading my decoys, I think a jake/hen combo would be a good idea
  9. So I haven't hunted turkeys seriously in years. I am from a non hunting family and am totally self-taught. I started hunting turkeys after college (got into deer hunting and had turkeys gobbling behind my house) and after some limited success in my early 20 twenties on a nice farm in VT that I had access to and one jake in the champlain valley, I haven't killed a bird in almost 20 yrs. So this year being furloughed (along with everyone else) decided to get back out in the turkey woods. I haven't seen that many turkeys since I moved here about 10 yrs ago but certainly know that are some around. I did some scouting and located some birds on some local private land (7S) I obtained access to hunt. I've also scouted and hunted a little on state land. I have had some encounters with a big tom and a nearby farm but he gobbles once or twice than spends the day with his group of hens so he is tough. My closest encounter so far was roosting a gobbler (jake I think) on a morning hunt where I managed to get in a field above him, set out an old bad looking decoy on a stick (lost my stake) and called him in. He eventually worked in just on edge of my shotgun range ( I cant seem to get a good pattern beyond 35-40yds) but I wasn't able to get a shot. I would have been happy with a jake for sure and was bummed to get so close but what a fun hunt that probably hooked me on turkey hunting again for years to come. I filmed the hunt and edited a video if anyone wants to watch. Please excuse my amateur calling and any constructive criticism is appreciated (I probably called way too much but so hard when he was gobbling at everything!!). I just started this channel on youtube and also put up my first archery buck from last season and some Seneca fishing stuff with more to come... Thanks and good luck to everybody out there!
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