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  1. BTW I got out yesteray and I was fishing a point and had the boat in really shallow (2-3ft) and was watching some smaller fish when I saw some BIG bass shaped shadows in 15-20 ft that were cruising back and forth and seemed active. They were a bit spooky (topwater wouldn't produce) but once I started drifting shiners through I started hooking up. A couple of these smallies looked to be in the 4-5lb range and I hooked one bruiser that broke me off but ended up landing half a dozen nice 15-17" bass. Eventually I switched to the dropshot and although I couldn't get the big ones to bite I did drift a ways and picked up a few in the 10-13" range including a small largemouth which was strange. The bite is so much harder to feel than with bait when they seem to grab it. The kietech was the one that worked after a few changes. I was pumped to get a few on the plastics, I would rather do that then get bait every time. I'm improving, thanks for the advice! I also spotted a huge sheepshead (drum) and some bug catfish, pretty cool to watch. Also got a few perch.
  2. Hey guys thanks for the input, very very helpful with ideas. I picked up about 50 $ of new plastics including the kietechs and some shad/minnow baits. I also will try the dead drift method and the 2 rod setup sounds cool. I also watched some videos and learned a bunch on setup and presentation. Lots to experiment with!! I actually went out today with bait again thinking I would switch to plastics if I found active bass but I couldn't get to the areas I generally fish due to winds. Ended up picking up some small bass here and there but then found a nice school of perch which I did well on, never tried the drop shot. Maybe tomorrow if the wind is reasonable.
  3. Definitely a memory she won't forget, catching a big trout with her dad!
  4. Ideas for new boat I have a 20 yr old fiberglass cc 17' 90hp in a lift on Seneca that suits me well for trolling/bass and occasional skiing/tubing, however it is a pain to take out (no launch close by) and trailer to nearby lakes. With that in mind I am thinking of getting a 2nd boat to keep at home that I could trailer to different lakes to open up fishing possibilities. I have mainly fished Seneca and would like to explore other fingers. I'd like to find something in the 5-10k range. I have been looking at some deep v side console aluminum fishing boats which seem well equipped for bass fishing but want to get some opinions on people's trolling setups with these (downrigger placement, etc). I generally fish solo so I'd like something that is fairly light and easy to trailer, but sometimes have one other person with me. Any ideas on specific yrs/models/horsepower/ setups appreciated, new vs used, etc. thanks! Jon
  5. Owasco

    great post and pics!!
  6. I just checked out the ned rig and the kitech baits, looks interesting will def give them a try. Its hard not the shake/jig the baits but I'll give that a go next time for sure, thanks for the info I appreciate it
  7. I had a similar setup to what you described, I was feeling bottom, but will check out the cross tail shad. Thanks for the feedback
  8. Seneca

    Thats a bummer. I trolled for about 4.5hrs last week mid-lake and had one sub legal salmon to show for it... It is not prime time trolling on Seneca right now. On the upside I did find some decent smallie fishing. Hopefully in 2-3 yrs the bait numbers will drop, lamprey #s will drop and there will be some larger hungry fish. The fingers sure seem to cycle and Seneca is in a down cycle fishing wise for sure.
  9. Seneca Smallies Was up to my cottage for the week. Did a little bass fishing from the kayak and shore on the south end. Got decent numbers of small bass from 8-13". With the trolling for salmon/trout being slow decided to get some shiners and head north on Saturday. Fishing hard all morning working the 15-25ft depths with shiners with only a few small bass to show.... did some jigging and casting near some structure and also cast around on grass flats without seeing much except a huge catfish and some minnow schools. Heading back south a bit stopped in one area that I had fished in the past with a decent shelf from 13-20 ft and started getting into the smallies pretty good. Worked that one area hard for about 1.5 hrs and got about a dozen bass between 12-15" and then finally got a nice one on that gave some good jumps and dug hard under the boat, he measured 18.5" and made my day for sure. After the shiners ran out I tried drop shotting all sorts of plastics with no luck, not sure what I was doing wrong but it was frustrating cuz I knew they were there and active. Im new to this technique. Any advice on the dropshotting? I was using tubes/worms/flukes/twister tail grubs.... fishing about 1.5 ft from the bottom?
  10. Good to hear the bass fishing was good, Ive just started playing with the drop shot rig and can see how it would be deadly.
  11. Yeah that would like nice mounted beautiful LLS!!!
  12. Hemlock

    Very nice accomplishment from the kayak! I have been doing some kayak fishing but haven't tried trolling much, very cool!
  13. Cayuga

    Nice laker, sounds like a good day!