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  1. BrookTrout

    Owasco/Otisco 4 Day haul

    great report and pics, awesome, some really nice fish!
  2. BrookTrout

    My son's personal best pike- Keuka

    What a nice looking pike, great pic
  3. BrookTrout


    I did a few decent salmon on Seneca last week. They were stacked up on the points, shallow....
  4. BrookTrout

    Salmon creek water level

  5. BrookTrout

    Seneca Smallies

    BTW I got out yesteray and I was fishing a point and had the boat in really shallow (2-3ft) and was watching some smaller fish when I saw some BIG bass shaped shadows in 15-20 ft that were cruising back and forth and seemed active. They were a bit spooky (topwater wouldn't produce) but once I started drifting shiners through I started hooking up. A couple of these smallies looked to be in the 4-5lb range and I hooked one bruiser that broke me off but ended up landing half a dozen nice 15-17" bass. Eventually I switched to the dropshot and although I couldn't get the big ones to bite I did drift a ways and picked up a few in the 10-13" range including a small largemouth which was strange. The bite is so much harder to feel than with bait when they seem to grab it. The kietech was the one that worked after a few changes. I was pumped to get a few on the plastics, I would rather do that then get bait every time. I'm improving, thanks for the advice! I also spotted a huge sheepshead (drum) and some bug catfish, pretty cool to watch. Also got a few perch.
  6. BrookTrout

    Seneca Smallies

    Hey guys thanks for the input, very very helpful with ideas. I picked up about 50 $ of new plastics including the kietechs and some shad/minnow baits. I also will try the dead drift method and the 2 rod setup sounds cool. I also watched some videos and learned a bunch on setup and presentation. Lots to experiment with!! I actually went out today with bait again thinking I would switch to plastics if I found active bass but I couldn't get to the areas I generally fish due to winds. Ended up picking up some small bass here and there but then found a nice school of perch which I did well on, never tried the drop shot. Maybe tomorrow if the wind is reasonable.
  7. BrookTrout

    Nice bow out of skinny today.

    Definitely a memory she won't forget, catching a big trout with her dad!
  8. BrookTrout

    Ideas for new boat

    Ideas for new boat I have a 20 yr old fiberglass cc 17' 90hp in a lift on Seneca that suits me well for trolling/bass and occasional skiing/tubing, however it is a pain to take out (no launch close by) and trailer to nearby lakes. With that in mind I am thinking of getting a 2nd boat to keep at home that I could trailer to different lakes to open up fishing possibilities. I have mainly fished Seneca and would like to explore other fingers. I'd like to find something in the 5-10k range. I have been looking at some deep v side console aluminum fishing boats which seem well equipped for bass fishing but want to get some opinions on people's trolling setups with these (downrigger placement, etc). I generally fish solo so I'd like something that is fairly light and easy to trailer, but sometimes have one other person with me. Any ideas on specific yrs/models/horsepower/ setups appreciated, new vs used, etc. thanks! Jon
  9. BrookTrout

    Owasco A boy and some silver!

    great post and pics!!
  10. BrookTrout

    Seneca Smallies

    I just checked out the ned rig and the kitech baits, looks interesting will def give them a try. Its hard not the shake/jig the baits but I'll give that a go next time for sure, thanks for the info I appreciate it
  11. BrookTrout

    Seneca Smallies

    I had a similar setup to what you described, I was feeling bottom, but will check out the cross tail shad. Thanks for the feedback
  12. BrookTrout

    Seneca Seneca skunk

    Thats a bummer. I trolled for about 4.5hrs last week mid-lake and had one sub legal salmon to show for it... It is not prime time trolling on Seneca right now. On the upside I did find some decent smallie fishing. Hopefully in 2-3 yrs the bait numbers will drop, lamprey #s will drop and there will be some larger hungry fish. The fingers sure seem to cycle and Seneca is in a down cycle fishing wise for sure.
  13. BrookTrout

    Seneca Smallies

    Seneca Smallies Was up to my cottage for the week. Did a little bass fishing from the kayak and shore on the south end. Got decent numbers of small bass from 8-13". With the trolling for salmon/trout being slow decided to get some shiners and head north on Saturday. Fishing hard all morning working the 15-25ft depths with shiners with only a few small bass to show.... did some jigging and casting near some structure and also cast around on grass flats without seeing much except a huge catfish and some minnow schools. Heading back south a bit stopped in one area that I had fished in the past with a decent shelf from 13-20 ft and started getting into the smallies pretty good. Worked that one area hard for about 1.5 hrs and got about a dozen bass between 12-15" and then finally got a nice one on that gave some good jumps and dug hard under the boat, he measured 18.5" and made my day for sure. After the shiners ran out I tried drop shotting all sorts of plastics with no luck, not sure what I was doing wrong but it was frustrating cuz I knew they were there and active. Im new to this technique. Any advice on the dropshotting? I was using tubes/worms/flukes/twister tail grubs.... fishing about 1.5 ft from the bottom?