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  1. Great report sounds like a great vacation!
  2. Yeah this is one of the biggest I have got from Seneca.
  3. Got out for the first time this season last week. Slow start on the SW corner, marking lots of bait but not many fish. Moved north and saw lots of gulls swooping and diving (alewives). Setup and made a turn, leadcore (6 colors) fires hard. After a nice fight boated a nice 5.25 lbs rainbow. He ate a steely dan DW SS spoon. My expectations were low so I was happy to connect with a quality fish although that was it for the morning, This was a hatchery fish with a clipped ventral fin. Surface temps were 64-66 , no fleas or weeds to deal with. Speed 2.5mph. Check out my vid of the morning on my YT channel
  4. Nice, love the winter reports!!
  5. yeah that screen looks great thank for the encouraging report, how was the debris/clarity?
  6. Nice looking fish, looks like stream brown! What type of jigs do you use? Thanks for report
  7. Nice job, great to see some Seneca reports!
  8. I guess squirrel teeth are insanely long and go into mandible, never knew that....
  9. Got out for a few hours Saturday. Found some good screens along current breaks on a couple points on east side with hooks stacked up from the surface to 60 ft. Had 2 releases down 35ft but both came off, felt like salmon. Saw a salmon jumping near some bait which was pretty cool. Lots of debris/weeds where the fish were stacked up made it tough to troll through so I went down and trolled from the Tiki Bar up past the salt point, very little on the sonar but picked up one short salmon down 35ft on a "chicken wing" DW spoon (all 3 releases). At least I didn't get skunked and it was a nice December day to be out comfortably. Saw a couple other boats and some shore fisherman out enjoying the mild weather. The boat is in "Winter Mode" (did yearly service, pulled batteries, pulled fishing gear and covered in lift) so probably done till spring unless I get a really good weather window... Anyone else been doing anything on Seneca?
  10. congrats to everybody on some amazing deer, sometimes I feel like you guys are hunting a different state than I am haha, impressive!!
  11. I agree with sk8man, the application process is very complex and involves weeks of prep and constant monitoring during treatment. Lampricide concentrations must stay within very specific range within the stream for hours during treatment. If concentrations are too low it is not effective, if they are too high can harm non target species such as amphibians and fish. If water levels in stream are too high/low during treatment window (they have to have permit for treatment that dictates treatment window so DEC cannot just wait for the right time) or unstable cannot be done safely and once a treatment is missed the ammocoetes (lamprey larvae) will get into the lake and cannot be targeted and must finish their parasitic adult stage 1-2 yrs before we are rid of that yar class. In Seneca Lake Catherine creek is the major nursery and if treatment is missed on this stream we will have a couple years of bad predation. On bigger systems (champlain, great lakes) missing one trib won't cause as much damage. Either way it sucks but it is the imperfect nature of the treatment process. Luckily we have a chemical that can be used effectively and safely to target lampreys or else we would have almost no salmonid fishery in Seneca from what I understand.
  12. Wow congrats to you guys, what a beast!!
  13. looks like a great day out on the water with your family
  14. Nice fish, can't imagine dragging him sideways....
  15. congrats on the bird! cool trailcam pic
  16. wow nice brown, great report tks!
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