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  1. Got out again today on Cayuga with 3 baby rainbows and one nice male bow… I also caught the biggest lake trout I’ve ever got lol took 10 mins to get him to boat
  2. I’ve also been using blood run 30 LB on Cayuga and compared to the old flea line I had the blood run works 10 times better for keeping fleas off… like said not all but definitely helps
  3. These are all the best silvers I’ve gotten from Cayuga the past few weeks : D I love the Cayuga silver
  4. That’s awesome!!!! I love seeing the bigger silvers and browns getting caught on Owasco thanks a lot for the response !!
  5. That’s an amazing day catching that many lakers that’s beautiful. I also took many videos of my boat getting swamped into those swells lol we were getting rocked pretty hard out there. Thanks for the update on the board btw!! I love seeing all the big fish people can catch its very awesome
  6. Hey guys was out with my dad both days this weekend for a total of 15 hours fishing through the terrible wind conditions we had… curious to see how everyone else did and if anyone has a picture of the board winners!!! Thanks guys
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