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  1. 1st time for me. got the last campsite at Clute park. now need someone to steer the boat. looking forward to it, probably 5 times more likely to get hit by lightning than to win a prize.
  2. Launched there today, docks are in, lake is low. watch your prop, very shallow now.
  3. evinrude gone? http://news.brp.com/news-releases/news-release-details/brp-advances-marine-strategy-focusing-boats-and-new-technologies
  4. drove by today, still no docks at the south end.
  5. rigging up a new boat, 20 foot Starweld with a yamaha 150 main, yamaha 9.9 kicker. planning on installing a steering link between the 2 motors for trolling. does the sea star hydraulic steering have the capacity to operate the 2 motors without an issue? I see panther marine has a control unit for separate steering. maybe I should be looking there instead. this steering by oil make me nervous , cars have power assist but there is a mechanical link. I feel safer with a cable. old guys hate new stuff. TIA Bob
  6. Hi, new guy here, just bought a 20 foot starweld and looking to add 2 cannon electric downriggers with pivot mounts/telescopic 4 ft. extensions. I have seen post on line where guys are running boards across the back, but I have a 9.9 kicker that I will need to access on the rear platform and I prefer not to step over a board. I see the track systems available and like the idea of removing everything for summer pleasure boating, boat has a flip up rear bench seat. I have seen posts also where modern boat being thin aluminum have weak gunwales that flex with downriggers attached. I usually troll with the riggers to the side so I don't tangle on turns. I also plan to run pole holders in the spring for topwater trolling so the idea of a track is appealing, as well as using a longer track to hold poles while underway while having the riggers undeployed out back of the boat. for the guys running this size boat do you mount your riggers near the transom or part way up? I usually sit in the driver seat while trolling while steering at the helm so my thought is to have them about 4 feet ahead of the transom . prefer to do this once the right way. Usually fish Canandaigua, Keuka, Seneca. Thanks for any suggestions. Bob
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