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  1. You can't go wrong listening to this guy.......especially that "Reel Hooked Up Fly" behind a "glow frog racer" Spin Doctor Marty
  2. Sorry I can be reached @ (607)331-3905
  3. My name is Marty Brown, I live in the Horseheads area, I'm 62 years young, I have trapped since I was 14 years old. When my trapping partner died it hit me so hard that I completely gave up on that part of my life, no regrets,(I do miss his camaraderie) prices weren't like they were when I was younger anyhow, I don't miss trapping, I don't, and I do, BUT what I really enjoy is calling in coyotes, fox, and coon. I'm looking for a LOCAL trapper, can be a old timer or a up and comer, I start calling in Oct. whether they are prime or not, and I generally plan on shooting dogs into Mar. when they close, I understand the fur prices are on a climb, I'm looking for a reliable place/person to dump bodies on, MUST be willing to take all. I'm not interested in any $ from the fur at all. PLEASE SHARE if you know somebody. THANK YOU
  4. First $200 will take me out of the Spin-N-Glo business Marty
  5. (17) Seth Green leader lears (arms) BRAND NEW NEVER USED $5 shipped, PayPal invoice sent, Thanks for looking Marty (ioiosoiwork)
  6. I have (43) BRAND NEW, tournament tied, using ball bearing coast lock snaps, quality beads,there are (43) different colored Spin & Glos, the hooks are 1/0 Gamakatsu octopus hooks, these are tied between 21-22" lengths to be run behind a flasher, they are on (3) "Fishenge" leader boards & fit into a Plano 3702 tackle box. EVERYTHING is BRAND NEW and NEVER used, these were tied by us for us. $260.00 shipped to your door, first "sold" gets them PayPal invoice sent. Thanks for looking Marty (ioiosoiwork);)
  7. (mostly because I haven't posted in here in awhile, here's my 2 cents) A LOT has changed since the 60's-70's, mostly because kid's lack things today...........fear, respect, responsibility, discipline, and shame. We tie the hands of the parents, teachers, and the police. We PUSH kids through school to "leave no child behind", (the following is being said in my head with my best OLD MAN voice) "Why when I was a kid" we had fear of being failed and left behind, you had to EARN your trophy to "pass" not just show up. We had separate "special needs classes", now they're sprinkled in with higher level education classrooms, (can you imagine that stress ?!?)We were taught respect, and ANY responsible adult (which included EVERYBODY, except the windowless van driver offering you candy and a free ride) could adjust your "respect attitude", act up in class, teacher was on your a**, next the Principle was on your a**, how many of us remember a "board of education" ?, then your "[email protected] parent" was on your a**, ALL the time "she" was on your a** what was she saying ?......."WAIT TILL YOUR FATHER GETS HOME!!!" yep, FEAR, RESPECT, RESPONSIBILITY for our actions, DISCIPLINE, and SHAME ( I had a Grandmother that could "shave" her index finger at you and say shame 3 times and actually feel it) (snapping out of the "old man" now) How about this "food for thought" why not eliminate these "soft targets", MOST/ALL kids hold in their hands "the world" (I know the terrorists win :/ .......right ? ) Have each individual state hire 1 or 2 of the BEST educators in each field, pay them their worth, and teach these kids on line ? Like I said, I haven't posted in here in a while, my damn computer asked me to re-enter my password for here .......grumble, grumble, grumble,............
  8. My 2 cents, top one is a common dace, bottom one is a stickle back
  9. Sorry JUST saw your post, I thought I would get a notification or something ?, anyhow sent you a PM w/ the particulars Marty
  10. "MY SETH GREEN RIG" ROD: Offshore Angler/Ocean Master, OMSU-4B, 6'0", 50-80# line, X-HVY action M13 graphite, roller tip, roller guide on reel end, (5) HD reinforced stand up guides, (7) total guides, gimbal butt w/ cover REEL: Offshore Angler Captain's Choice 6/0 reel, right now it's spooled w/ 30# mono and all necessary swivels spaced every 10', 2 & 3# weights included, very limited use, no rash, like new, $100 local pick-up only, first "SOLD" gets her, cash or PayPal only, THANKS for looking Marty Brown
  11. I am NOT interested in piecing anything out, these items are listed as EVERYTHING goes together (26) 4# + ingots of lead (1) 20# LEE bottom pour furnace (full of lead) (1) PALMER 4# electric hand ladle (2) 4# ingot molds (1) bank sinker mold 3/8 - 1 Oz. (1) 3# ball mold (single pour) (1) 2# ball mold (2 per pour) some eyes for the ball molds FINISHED product ( balls (both sizes), some lure bodies for making spinners, trolling sinkers (torpedo) ) MUST BE PICKED UP LOCALLY (located in Horseheads, NY) CASH ONLY, FIRST $150.00 takes all (607) 331-3905 THANKS FOR LOOKING, Marty, ioiosoiwork
  12. Yes...................I had a mag ring on it and a whole lot of line out...........and a glo frog racer and a reel-hooked up fly
  13. Son of a.............I think that's my Mag Dipsey right under the #1 on the plane #'s...........
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