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  1. Brine & Bait for Meat rigs Recently I was reviewing post's about Brine for cut baits using meat rigs. I've used meat rigs in the past but only with artificial baits. I'm curious as to the process of brining and what type do you use for lake Ontario. Is there a preferred brine and cut bait for Lake O. What would be the preferred method of rigging the meat rig with this brined cut bait?? All replies are appreciated.
  2. When your talking about brine, what is it and where do you get it, never used it but I always here people do.Thanks
  3. I've had one for 4 years now,love it,I can handle it by myself.Its a double hull angler model,deep V.handles Lake Ontario just fine,it's outfitted with a Yamaha 115 and T9 ,I got it from Clayton Marina,best price around,no one would touch what they gave it to me.They do have a new style and bigger motors.My gunnels are about 13 inches wide for storage,transom is wide at 8 feet,I believe all loaded up runs about 3200-3400 DW Sent from my iPad using Lake Ontario United
  4. Ok, worth a try, I'll take my Granddaughter,lol
  5. That's another thought, I'm pretty sure I get 3-4 loops,trying the 6 might work
  6. Thanks. I've tried the rubber bands and they work ok depending on the current, going down deeper it seems the braid cuts right through them,unless there is a better rubber band then the ones I got from Fish Usa a few years back with my riggers.
  7. Blacks release . I like using braided line but it doesn't like my Blacks release, I find that it has a tendency to pull up to the top of the release pin and that causes a concern on will it release, I had times last year that I couldn't pop it from the boat and had to bring it up with the ball. So instead of changing my downrigger cable release setup I thought about trying some type of pad release for the braid that would also attach to the rigger cable via cable or chain. Or run it right off the ball itself.This pad release would have to function at both shallow and deep fow,good in current, etc. or are there any better ways to achieve the same. All replies are appreciated.
  8. I do use that too along with NOAA reports, there is nothing like a live view, as a pro member I'm sure you have used the live cam installed on LOU. The only problem with that is its 30 miles west ,conditions can be a lot different here. Would be nice to have a few more live cams along the entire coast. Not only for fisherman but for all aspects of the lake.
  9. Thanks, I've know about this one for a long time, its pretty hard to tell, even when it reloads. They could update that one.
  10. Oswego Web cams I hate to bring up old stuff but when I see what I saw the past week it makes me sad to see the the City of Oswego has not turned on any web cams or installed any new ones as they mentioned they would.Several times last week I sat above Wrights landing over looking the lake and watched several vehicles towing there boats to launch only to have to turn around because they couldn't get out on the lake because of the conditions.For many it is a chore to load up and travel,then the disappointment, Those cams provided a visual of the true conditions and with a little grapevine effect more people would come to know that there is visual and info out there they could check before hand. Oswego has allotted monies for the waterfront project,On LOU there is a camera installed at Sandy Creek, great live view,for a few thousand "Oswego" it'd be worth it. It also use to be nice to see the Harbor and the docks,remember,you could see if anyone was messing with your boat???
  11. Ok ,thanks for the info,this weather is crazy,I got out once 2 weeks ago.If you recall the exact name of that rig pass it along would like to take at look at it.Thanks
  12. With the weather they had,they certainly could have put them in earlier,I heard they have to schedule the workers time to do the docks job,move them from a winter position to a summer one. Sent from my iPad using Lake Ontario United
  13. I was there 3 hours ago,Main docks are in,the boat launch one short one in the rest still out,shack is still closed up.No web cams to see anything yet. Suppose to be on,if any one is concerned about what the lake is doing before they get there I suggest calling the Mayors office in Oswego or your local Alderman.Waves tonight where around 1-2 feet,they were hitting the breakwall. Fridays weather is looking ok. Rain is in the forecast for the weekend and possible storms.
  14. Happened to take a drive there 2 hours ago, main dock is there but the other launch docks are still sitting on land. No sign of movement, the Shack is still all closed up to, no web cams working yet, the city said 2 weeks ago they would be up and running very soon, only doing Maintenance on them. Well that's been going on since last August. To nasty to get out there right now.
  15. Umbrella rigs - Do they work I know there are several different types of Umbrella rigs out there and some for certain species, just wondering how they work out there on Lake Ontario for trout, Salmon, anybody using them and how many leaders or lures can you run off them. All response's appreciated.