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  1. I just came off the lake, fleas were very minimal, lake was kind of ruff and currents strong and not much fish around talked to several others, not catching a thing and marking just a few.
  2. Fleas-Oswego Wondering how bad the Fleas are lately, haven't been out in a few weeks, any recent good fishing reports out of Oswego?? All replies appreciated
  3. They cling to your line,clog things up,they can build up so much they add weight to your line. Many change up to a bigger line so they can't attach.Cortland makes a Flea Flicker line that's kind of oval shape and Boold Run has there own too,many just go with like 50lb. Big game. Lead Core,copper,do ok,wire gets some,but braid and your smaller lines and even your downrigger cable parts can get messy.
  4. There Back- Them Fleas-Oswego Fished out of Oswego today, not much going on, a few boats ,a few marked fish out to 250 fow. Sure enough them little critters are starting there
  5. Can you send or post your tow set up out of water, it just might catch on.Thanks
  6. Thanks
  7. Nice,did you go East or west? Sent from my iPad using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  8. Sent from my iPad using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  9. I saw the lake was calm, nice day,I'm planing on trying Friday,might try in a little closer,water is still pretty cold.were you marking fish at all that makes a difference if there around or not.I've seen Charters going out but can't tell where.Thanks for the report Sent from my iPad using Lake Ontario United
  10. Hello. what is your local bait shop, any where's close to Fulton? Thanks
  11. Any Updates out of Oswego I see wrights landing still flooded and not many boats out fishing, any new news from the ones that are out? catching any fish? what ya using? FOW? Anything? LOL Wondering to if any one knows where to get some herring, whole or cut, Erie Dearie or Label or??? THANKS
  12. Wondering where you got that bait,can't seem to find any herring in small quantity.Thanks Sent from my iPad using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  13. 6-2017-Just wondering if you still deal in Erie Dearie Herring cut bait Premium packages?? looking to get 3-4 packs and ship them to Fulton
  14. Brine & Bait for Meat rigs Recently I was reviewing post's about Brine for cut baits using meat rigs. I've used meat rigs in the past but only with artificial baits. I'm curious as to the process of brining and what type do you use for lake Ontario. Is there a preferred brine and cut bait for Lake O. What would be the preferred method of rigging the meat rig with this brined cut bait?? All replies are appreciated.