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  1. I do not have near the experience or knowledge that Nick has in the trout category. That being said I absolutely agree with what has been said in this post. No the fish have not jumped in the boat this year but honestly it has not been that bad. I have boated a decent number of fish each time out. I also agree that the fish are literally stuffed to the gills with bait. We cleaned a mediocre size salmon that had 13 sawbellies in its stomach! Also these fish are getting bigger for example the Brown that won the derby! Seneca looks to me like it's doing just fine. My son has been doing very well off the dock lately. Tons of small bass, bluegill and other newborn fry swimming around. One thing I don't quite understand is the algae on the seaweed but other than that things look just fine to me. If anyone is planning a trip to Seneca it helps to do a bit of research. Nicks posts are the best info anyone could ask for. As I convert back to perchecutioner and break out the waterfowl gun and bowhunting equipment I wish everybody the best of luck wether it be in the woods or on the water!!! Tight lines, peace out......
  2. Excellent report Nick. Allot of guys including myself are pretty gun shy when it comes to Seneca this year but with your positive report maybe it's time a few of us get our tails out from between our legs and splash down!!!
  3. Yeah I have all those goodies on my boat but was just taking the family up camping with the travel trailer. Didn't want to bring the boat just thought I would try a few places with rod and reel.
  4. Is it still safe to swim Honeoye this season or has the blue green algae moved in allready?
  5. I have a camping trip scheduled in a couple weeks near Pulaski. Is there any fishing in the salmon river that time of year and is there any fishing off shore in ontario near Brennens rv resort?
  6. Great to here from you Ed!!!
  7. That's not odd....that's Seneca!!!
  8. If you are looking for trolling spoons Finger lakes tackle will be there with a lethal assortment!!!
  9. March 20th 9:00 am. Be there a bit early if you want the good stuff!!!
  10. The choppers in question are actually from big flats and are doing gps, sonar and other electronic calibrations.
  11. Nice fish...nice release!!! We can't all be perfect!!! Sent from my iPhone using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  12. Sent from my iPhone using Lake Ontario United mobile app
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