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  1. A lot of great information can be found on the Carolina Classic boat owners forum. carolinaclassicboatowners.com/
  2. Thanks Chaz. Brandon shot an approx. 150” 9 pointer on public land. ‘It takes 2-3 years to draw a tag. We pay a trespass fee to hunt a friend’s farm.
  3. I was fortunate to harvest this buck in Iowa last week. It scored 187 5/8 as a non typical 8 point.
  4. If the reservoir was empty you are going to have to bleed the air out of the system. It's very easy. Your owners manual will walk you through it. Get on Garmin's website and you can get the manual there. Try to figure out where the fluid is going.
  5. Does it turn both directions when it is in auto? If so I think you might have a problem with the remote itself. I have a tr1 gold so I am familiar with them
  6. You could go with a TR-1 autopilot with speed control. I have it on my boat and it's well worth the investment.
  7. The launch next to Turtle Cove has a big drop off and depending on how big your boat is you could damage your boat trailer trying to pull out.
  8. Launch at the state park. DON'T launch at the public launch next to Turtle Cove. You can probably get a slip at Turtle Cove, Bayside Marina or even Anchor Resort. Brian
  9. Fished on this boat many times. It is a well maintained turn key fish killing machine! Brian
  10. I used Essex Credit. https://www.essexcredit.com/ They gave me the best rate and were easy to deal with. Brian
  11. I have a 2014 aluminum triple axle venture trailer. The only problem I had with the trailer is one of the spring shackle bolts fell off. Luckily I was only going 15 MPH when it happened. I guess they forgot to tighten the nut because all of the other nuts are locking nuts. Other than that it's been a great trailer. Brian
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