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  1. We ran the 18 pound last year. I like it. As stated, does not take up as much room on the reel, doesn't wear you out as much as the heavier leadcores and we caught our largest King on it last year, so that makes it liked even more.
  2. Anyone run the Walker TripZ diver off of big boards? I'm not sure if these have been out for a while or if I just noticed these. Looks like they may put the spoon in a good depth for steelhead if they don't pull the clip from the board line?
  3. Great, thanks for the responses. So the issue is only with saltwater, not so much if run only in freshwater then?
  4. I'm looking to replace the reels on the dipsey wire rods. Reading all the reports that I can and see some say it's not a good idea to spool wire onto an aluminum spool. So I'm not finding a heavy duty line counter without an aluminum spool. Anyone had any problems with the compatibility of wire on an aluminum spool? I'm considering: Diawa SG47LCX Penn 320 GTiLC Shimano Tekota They will be used in saltwater, also. What's your favorite reel for wire? Thanks
  5. FX, Purple Thunder and Caramel Dolphin at various depths were consistent all days with the bigger kings and steelhead. Saturday was a good day, good size fish a little west on the 33 line, NK NBK copper parked at 45 was a hit with the steelies.
  6. Looks like a good trip, hopefully those lakers stay hungry til the Kings show up.
  7. Sent you an email on these, couldn't send a PM.
  8. These were received in very good condition, as advertised. Packaged very well also, thanks.
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