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  1. I emailed the mayor and have yet to hear back. Last I heard they had the funding to repair it but were waiting on the personnel to do it. Either way it needs to be repaired
  2. Still for sale? If so I’ll take it!
  3. I had a stainless box made and had it insulated. Pricey but works awesome. But thanks for the message
  4. I am looking for the large fish box that sits in the rear deck floor of the penn yan predator/prowlers. If anyone has one or any ideas on making something suitable please let me know
  5. Very nice and heavy duty looking, can't believe some hasn't had a use for these
  6. Used one season on a furuno 585. Worked great but sold head unit few weeks ago and still have transducer. Asking $50. Call 315 529 7821 and I'll text ya pics
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