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  1. it is good kinda shallow but I was able to launch my 21 Foot Starcraft fishmaster there a few weeks ago. How big is your boat? If it is big I would launch at Mexico Point fish are between the big salmon and little salmon rivers.
  2. yes I tried flasher and flies but they have been hitting the spoons. I run an 8 foot leader to my spoons off the dipsy divers. I have been talking to some of the charter guys and they say that spoons and flasher fly rigs are just as productive as the cutbait. and that the evening bite is just as good as the morning bite. I asked what time is the night bite and they said 5 pm until dark. I keep my boat at the Lighthouse Marina in the big salmon so I have been putting in some good time. Lots of fish! Go crush them!
  3. green glow spoons were hot for me. seemed more of a dipysy bute. Had dispsey out 250-300 on a 2 setting. Fill in small schoolds. Lots of bait. Good luck.
  4. I went solo this morning and went three for three on Kings limited out by 8 AM out in front of the dunes in 140 feet of water spoons and flush or flies Fisher deep down 100 Sent from my iPhone using Lake Ontario United
  5. sorry Reelcrazy but I bought the Optimum yesterday and it is already installed on my boat with my other 2 Optimum downriggers.-
  6. it is always fun to catch a KING on a homemade fly. Well done.
  7. beautiful boat well worth the $. Good luck with your sale sir.
  8. I will buy the Optimum and transducer if you can meet me half way. I live in Syracuse. will send PM with my contact informaton. As my friend Chimney Boy always says I have cash in hand. I will PM you with my phone number now. Let me know.
  9. I was catching them between the big Salmon and the little Salmon rivers in 150 feet of water. Fish were down 90-110. Good luck.
  10. They are hitting spoons and cut bait Sent from my iPhone using Lake Ontario United
  11. I got 5 lakers and a landlock the other day on dipsy divers with small spoons 80 feet of water on the west side.
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