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  1. I am located in Syracuse but I travel to Utica, Rome, Binghamton, Cortland, and Elmira for work.
  2. 2 Fish Hawk X4 probes Excellent working condition For sale are two fish hawk X4 probes with breakaway cables. Upgraded to the X4D so I am passing these along. $200 bucks each or both for $350.
  3. great report and precious picture.
  4. coast guard dock at Sodus is in but is under water so bring some boots
  5. Sticks bar and motel
  6. Thank you for your service to our country Wolfpack= I was out there myself went 15 for 16 on Saturday and 18 for 22 on Sunday. Nice mix of steelhead and kings ranging from 2 to 23 pounds. Constant action until 11 am.
  7. Would like to purchase pm sent
  8. thanks fort the great advice have a good day
  9. My buddy attempted to put fluid in it but I am not sure if he knew what he was doing. I look at the reservoir and it is bone dry. Perhaps a quick tutorial on filling with biosoy. I downloaded the manual but we can barely read it are confused. Thanks,
  10. it only turns in one direction using remote. Topped of fluid so not sure?
  11. I had someone install my garmin TRI gold last year and it worked great up until a month ago. I am looking for a mechanic to get it back up and running. Can anyone recommend someone please:? The guy who installed it gets very busy and I have left two call backs over the last couple of weeks with no reply. I often fish alone so the autopilot is crucial. Thanks for your help. Dave
  12. checked Wrights yesterday and the launch and bay are completely frozen. However, the lake is wide open-just some floating chunks.
  13. Start gearing up now for the spring fishery. I would recommend planer boards either in line or with a mast. Small sticks and spoons. You may also want to invest in a couple of downriggers. In the spring look for the warm waters in 5 to 20 feet. Brown trout are a good way for you to start out of Sodus. Good luck. Dave
  14. those hand crank downriggers will get you ready for an arm wrestling tournament-nice fish man