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  1. you may want to include the price
  2. hassellmania

    Sold / Closed 2016 210 Fishmaster

    i agree I just want to buy the damn thing check pm
  3. Good morning, my TRI gold is leaking fluid and I need to hire someone to help me fix it. It is located at Wright's landing in Oswego. I have had Hank work on it in the past but he does such great work that he is backed up. Anyone know someone else so I can try to get this fixed this year? Thanks, Dave
  4. go deep Stick to what you know and even small salmon will impress people who have never fished. Good Luck.
  5. hassellmania

    for sale : usa 25' Baha Hard Top

  6. great job! you did everything right with that big fish-your buddy just "choked" on the net. it happens to us all especially when it is rough.
  7. that is great how about a picture
  8. hassellmania

    Autopilot for kicker motor?

    Garmin TR1 was my best investment
  9. I am confused. 4 days ago you had this listed for $42,500(make me an offer) and now you have it listed for $45,000(firm). Is it the same boat?
  10. hassellmania

    How do I fill Garmin Tr1 Gold

    How do I fill Garmin Tr1 Gold Hi guys, could someone please walk me through some simple steps to fill my TR1 with fluid? I notice that is low on fluid. Thanks for your help.
  11. hassellmania

    Cayuga Cayuga 8/30

    love your boat. I have the Fishmaster 2100 and love it. Garmin TR1 gold autopilot is by far my most productive fishing tool. Great fish by the way. Hope to see you out there on Monday. Where do you launch?
  12. I am located in Syracuse but I travel to Utica, Rome, Binghamton, Cortland, and Elmira for work.
  13. 2 Fish Hawk X4 probes Excellent working condition For sale are two fish hawk X4 probes with breakaway cables. Upgraded to the X4D so I am passing these along. $200 bucks each or both for $350.