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  1. after seeing Jay's Optimum I sold my Digitrolls and bought 3 optimums. I have them networked together and control from my iphone. Love them. Good luck with your sale Jay!
  2. Congrats awesome job Sent from my iPhone using Lake Ontario United
  3. it has not been a problem finding them. Getting them to bite is another matter....
  4. I agree 100% these boats are rare.
  5. Yes I sold boat a few months back Sent from my iPhone using Lake Ontario United
  6. trying to find that out he is not responding
  7. Rod hog you have a pm Sent from my iPhone using Lake Ontario United
  8. I will take it gambler but only if you or your pals will give me input on choosing some of the best spin doctors on their website. There are many different sizes and colors and i need some assitance choosing them.. As a recreational fisherman, I need all the help I can get. Also, do want cash,Venmo, or paypal? I will send PM now with my contact information.
  9. I would launch at Mexico point boat launch it is too soon to determine where to start.
  10. had a guy reach out to me on facebook marketplace wanted to trade me his wife for these. I said no thanks I already have one.
  11. I was out last Sunday went from 3-4 footers to 4-6 footers headed in early for sure. Last I heard the fish and bait were around 150 feet in front of the Dunes General. Heard meat on the bottom was the way to go.
  12. Got my snaps in The mail yesterday they are awesome.-thanks Greg Sent from my iPhone using Lake Ontario United
  13. I have had both and can definately say the X4D is better because you know the exact depth of ball and can then guesstimate for your other riggers. Good luck with your sale. Well worth the investment.
  14. you can buy the X4D probe for about $300
  15. Hi whaler they are awesome. I replaced them with new Cannon Optimum downriggers.
  16. Sold For sale are the 2 cannon Digitroll 10 downriggers I bought last year. Used 1 season on a recreational boat. They work perfectly and have a very fast retrieval speed. Also included is a new cannon transducer so you can have depth on your downriggers and use the bottom tracking feature. Swivel bases and all wiring included. I paid $3,000 for them last year including tax and shipping. Located in Syracuse NY. I replaced these with the new Optimum downriggers. $1,800 cash no trades please. Sent from my iPhone using Lake Ontario United
  17. i went out to 250 and nothing today just a bite off on a spoon-SLOW
  18. They are still there general big marks and lots of bait 44 degrees down 100 in that same area as sf 7 pm tonight Sent from my iPhone using Lake Ontario United
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