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  1. I agree about Oswego but I slip my boat in the salmon river lots of bait and fish out in 140-150 down a hundred it was 43degrees Sent from my iPhone using Lake Ontario United
  2. are you west near buffalo or rochester or east near oswego or mexico?
  3. Good morning I am looking for someone with knowledge about TR1 gold autopilots who is willing to come to Lighthouse Marina Pulaski to help me get it going. It just stopped working may be an easy fix like bleed the lines etc I am not mechanical and would rather not pull it out of the water. PM me if interested -$200 cash to anyone who can get her going again! Sent from my iPhone using Lake Ontario United
  4. I buy my rigs from Troubles they are awesome
  5. sorry to hear about your dog. Could you please be more specific on what you were catching the fish on?
  6. very minor in mexico bay yesterday. Not an issue.
  7. good luck with your new boat. I am sure it will be drenched in fish blood by the end of the day. Yesterday was a spoon bite we had constant action in front of the big salmon in 130-150 feet of water. riggers parked at 100 and 123. Dipseys out 250. Good luck. Most hits came on the dipsey.
  8. thanks for the input everyone. I go fishing to relax not to be stressed out. I try to stay away from the PACK as much as possible.
  9. there is also another self serve bait shop near Borodino NY. You take 41 south until you get to a blinking light. Take a right at the light whic is Rose HIll. About a mile down on the left(just after Eibert Road) you wil see a sign on the left for bait. Take a left onto the driveway and the first building on your right is where Glenn Ireland has his bait shop. It is self serve with multiple tanks of bait fish and worms. He has crayfish too which are awesome bait for smallies on Skaneateles. Just write down what you are buying and put the cash in the jar.
  10. Bear wood Bait and Tackle 695 Crow Hill Rd Skaneateles Sent from my iPhone using Lake Ontario United
  11. nice job and nice boat. Interior looks like a Starcraft Fishmaster!
  12. I saw one of those charters try to go out this morning and he came back in 40 minutes. ROUGH! All the other charters had cancelled. I saw one group of guys meet the captain at the dock to be told the bad news.. The waves were crashing over the wall of the Salmon River.
  13. had 2 charter boats set up on either side of me a few days ago and both set 500 copper. they then began to squeeze me and pin me in until I eventually hooked into one of their coppers with my downrigger. I came to a complete stop and pulled up everything just to let them pass. Luckily I was able to unhook the copper and send it back to its owner. Move left air horn -move right air horn. Finally I just went to surrender. I try to give the charters plenty of room because that is their livelihood. Hope everyone has a great season!
  14. right on Hachimo. Love your reports. Hope you keep slaying them.
  15. dream boat well worth the dough
  16. I would launch at mexico point go out to 110-120 and troll towards the big salmon-you will see the fish and the other boats along the same line-i put a 200 foot topshop of 40 lb trilene big game and it helped with the fleas. Good luck Bro.
  17. it is good kinda shallow but I was able to launch my 21 Foot Starcraft fishmaster there a few weeks ago. How big is your boat? If it is big I would launch at Mexico Point fish are between the big salmon and little salmon rivers.
  18. yes I tried flasher and flies but they have been hitting the spoons. I run an 8 foot leader to my spoons off the dipsy divers. I have been talking to some of the charter guys and they say that spoons and flasher fly rigs are just as productive as the cutbait. and that the evening bite is just as good as the morning bite. I asked what time is the night bite and they said 5 pm until dark. I keep my boat at the Lighthouse Marina in the big salmon so I have been putting in some good time. Lots of fish! Go crush them!
  19. green glow spoons were hot for me. seemed more of a dipysy bute. Had dispsey out 250-300 on a 2 setting. Fill in small schoolds. Lots of bait. Good luck.
  20. I went solo this morning and went three for three on Kings limited out by 8 AM out in front of the dunes in 140 feet of water spoons and flush or flies Fisher deep down 100 Sent from my iPhone using Lake Ontario United
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