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  1. I've never fished those ponds, and I don't know anyone who has I don't think. I'm not the greatest ice fisherman. I just like to go out with friends and drink a few beers and hope for some action. My son doesn't sit still either, but my nephew will be there so they can play together if they get bored of sitting.
  2. All my family is up by Clayton. More towards cape Vincent though. I'm actually heading up there to ice fish tomorrow. Taking my 3 year old Cuz he's been asking for a while. Where abouts do you live east of Rochester? I'm in palmyra and I go to sodus usually for perch. I used to hit up Braddock Bay when I lived in Greece. There was a good bait shop on dewey ave. Otherwise I go to B&E tackle on rt. 104 in Webster or Ontario.
  3. I agree with ya Chas. A presence of the law even once a weekend would help put people in their place. And then maybe they'd start to smarten up a little (we hope) lol
  4. Nice! My first turkey ever was a bearded hen. They say that it's pretty rare. Congrats and good luck with that Tom!
  5. Thanks for the heads up! That website is nice!
  6. So Chas, this is showing that less does were taken in 8F? Most of the state had a decrease in does harvested. To me this doesn't seem like it did any good at all. I'm not totally against the 2 week waiting period because most of the time it's warm in the beginning and the deer aren't all that active, but that one time when a mounter walks by that first week I'll be pissed lol.
  7. That's a gorgeous boat! Wish I was in the market for another one!
  8. Fred Bear Truth II bow for sale. 24" to 29" draw length with 60# to 70# draw weight. 80% let off. Realtree APG Camo. The bow is in great shape and has been a great bow to me but I received a new bow for a wedding gift so I don't have a need for it anymore. I'm asking $250.
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