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  1. For a cold rainy day, it was a lot of fun, especially once I started catching them.
  2. They’re all rainbows? Man I suck at identifying them. The biggest of them had really bright red spots on it which made me think brook. (We didn’t keep any of them)
  3. My dad and I have been fishing Springwater Creek, the inlet to Hemlock lake for the past couple years trying to latch onto a trout, something neither of us have done. The monkey key is finally off our back after 3 years. I THINK I landed 1 brook and 2 rainbows. Can anyone confirm?
  4. Thanks guys. He's certainly turned into quite the little fisherman. We took a drive past Canandaigua Lake last weekend and he said to me "boy I really want to go fishing" when he saw it.
  5. I hope he does. I didn't even plan to fish, and only went to help him and allow the other guys to actually fish themselves. Turns out all he wanted to do was run bait to people, and be on the boat, but he did help reel in a couple. He had fun and didn't get bored. That's the important part.
  6. Fortunately for him, we're up there every weekend during the summer. He's crushing the perch on the dock. His birthday is in June, and we're going to get him a bigger pole next year, a step up from his Spiderman pole that he currently uses, so we can fish with own on the boat, rather than using mine.
  7. The picture is hanging on our fridge, and he shows it to everyone that's willing to see it.
  8. My oldest (5yo) LOVES fishing, and this summer has gotten to the point where he can bait his own hook (including ripping the worm in half), and removing his own hooks. It's pretty amazing. He's obsessed with fishing, and catching anything and everything, especially bass and pike (he's only seen pike, never caught them). On our yearly 2 week vacation to the river, he asked one of our friends to take him out fishing, and he 'caught' this nice smallie. He also helped reel in a beautiful 6lb smallie.
  9. The dock at Frink Park in Clayton is a good spot, as well. Pretty deep water and you can often times fine some smaller smallies. Worms and just about any dock will get you perch and panfish until you're sick of catching them. Try a drop shot rig to keep the worm off the bottom and away from the gobies.
  10. After the walleye run, I’m told the bullhead are next, but I believe those stay closer to the lake.
  11. I know they are, and I did do a quick search first, but didn’t find what I was looking for. I also just prefer the hard copy. It’s easier to look through than dealing with web pages on my phone, especially with all the back and forth you have to do with how the regulations are written.
  12. It’s running high and muddy right now. You can only see them swimming over the spillway right now, although I did see a couple in the flooded fields across the road. Sent from my iPhone using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  13. Thanks for that. I thought I had seen that somewhere. I really need the get my hands on this year’s regulations (one downside to a lifetime license; no regulations book until I go get one) Sent from my iPhone using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  14. I'm hearing that the pike are starting to run/spawn in the Conesus outlet, and I plan to take my boys down to see it this weekend. I've always had it in head that you can't fish the outlet during this time, is that correct? I know they're not in season, and since they're *right there*, that would be considered targeting them, right?
  15. That was an awesome explanation. Thank you. Sent from my iPhone using Lake Ontario United
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