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  1. Just as I suspected. We should have made the run out deeper. Thanks for the feedback.
  2. We have done well the previous week in the 200-250 range. Was out last night and only had two knock offs. Screen was pretty blank on troll into 140. Just curious if they were catching kings in as tight as 100 fow?
  3. Very similar results off Fair Haven Thursday evening.
  4. We were out there Thursday evening as well. Tons of bait and marks from 140 to180. Ended up with a nice 22 lber and one skippy. Both came on spoons. Nothing on the flasher flies. From the looks of the screen we thought it would thought we would see more action.
  5. Made one long troll from the silos to the east to ride the waves. Fished from 240 to 160. No hits. A few hooks in 200 fow 140 down.
  6. In the box. Transducer never installed. $200.00 or BO. Call (315) 591-5617
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