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  1. I get the CAT joke. 😂 Had to read your post 3 times. 🤣
  2. Yes sir, I didn't forget that and pecardian as the active ingredient. I researched stable flies and the different oils I mentioned were also recommended. 🤔 just sayin, it's kinda interesting.
  3. Maybe no more bites Please post if you try anything or have other ideas.
  4. Oh yeah they do bite through socks. I was just saying I'd put whatever I want to try on my socks. I checked for catnip oil. 3 ounces pure for $129.00 , to much for me. Hmm, at Pet Smart stores they have a diluted 3 ounce spray of catnip oil. I think I'll try that first on my socks. Probably safe on skin too. $9.99
  5. I've forgotten a lot in the 17 years since I stopped fishing. I'm back now. Do these go on the downrigger cable or the line? 😬
  6. I agree if the temperature outside makes sense. If it's blazing hot I'll keep a pair of pants (khaki) in my jump bag on board.
  7. Hatch on land and ride the wind. Attracted to blue hues. Repellents... catnip oil (maybe get at farm centers), lemon grass oil, lemon joy dish soap (slathered on), 100% deet, (though not 100% effective for some reason). Hang wide sticky strips under seats or any sticky strips, the whiter the better. A trap found around stables made from Alsynite fiberglass (this breaks up light to blue hues, like the blue you sometimes see around street or car lights) These traps must have sticky stuff in them. There are other things you can do, so check them out to see what works best for you. Me, I'll try sticky strips and perhaps catnip oil (if I can find it) and put it on high socks. I'll be a nerd. 🤓
  8. I need to know more. I'm Googling 'stable flies ' Are they hatching on land or water. Don't know yet.
  9. Oh boy. I never experienced biting flies until one day years back we were driven off lake Erie by them. Didn't know they were stable flies. I called them 'little Ba_tards'. But thinking about it I noticed that flies bite just before storm's. Yep they do. On the lake that day we were swarmed. No repellent in sight and man did it pour.
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