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  1. Im interested as well let me know if scobar doesn't buy them all
  2. I have a set of mepps casting spoons for sale. most of them have never seen the water. $15 and if you would want it shipped it would be an extra $5 thanks
  3. this is a minn kota v2 power drive that came on my boat when I bought (2015) it is a 48" shaft and is a 55pd motor I have used this maybe 6 times and looks like new. Looking to upgrade and seeing if anyone would be interested in it (still on the boat). $ 450 obo and is located in spencerport
  4. same here I use my big buddy heater and only on low.
  5. I used to fish ontairo and erie with a 13 foot boston whaler. never had any problem just had to keep an Eye out for the wether
  6. I did good last year tolling perch colored rapalas behind my downriggers in 14-16 feet of water going 1.8-2.0 and 10 feet down
  7. I actually owned a starcraft super fisherman before I bought this, I hated the angled side boxes for a few reasons first the seats get in the way of opening them, you have to have the seats at just the right angles to open it, second the one time I fished in the rain everything in there got wet (thought they were water tight) and the next weekend everything had mildew on them. I also have more floor space than I had in the super fisherman even with the side boxes, beam is 99" compared to 86" on the starcraft, plus the starcrafts sides were 8" wide where the polarkrafts are only 4". As far as the price I was compareing the tracker targa to mine becuase they are similarly priced and equiped, I think that they make a smaller version of mine in the 20's price range that is similar to yours (mine is actually 18ft). and that this may be an option for anyone who is looking at a tracker. They are made in the USA in Syracuse, IN
  8. Have you guys looked at the newer polarkrafts? I looked last year at lund, tracker, crestliner, polarkraft, lowe and starcraft / starweld. And I got it down to tracker, crestliner, and polarkraft (due to price and size) after looking on line for problems I eliminated tracker, then I looked at a 1750 crestliner, and a 179 frontier from polarkraft, the polar craft was wider (99in) and had lots of storage, (2 side storage boxes, 1 rear box and one front box along with a 10 rod storage box in the front) has a livewell in the rear that can hold a 5-6 big salmon or a bunch of walleyes (have to keep count on the walleye even after getting my limit one day, it looked like it was only 1/8 full) and a small one in the front that has a bait bucket in it. I bought it with a lot of extras and a yamaha 115 and it wast 30K with tax (less that the traker terga 18 I was looking at for 33K)
  9. I'd do it, but i am in Rochester. unless you wanted to come out this far. Look on ebay for one. they are usally cheaper that way, and get one that already has the safty chains
  10. I like mine but I bought it with the gold card, those maps are so much better than the pre programed ones
  11. I bought a barn a couple of years ago form DIY pole barns, they are out of state, they ship the barn to you and they have a good group of guys that built mine (no tax) 24 X 32 12ft sides two 10ft garage doors and a entrance door. for under 10 built. (no floor). you can go on there site and build what you want and then get a quote.
  12. my new polar craft dose not have a fuse panel either, It is set up with resetable fuses right under the switches. when I wired my depthfinder and downriggers I place in line fuses next to the battery so I can get to them.
  13. I am talking about the plastic slides, I don't have to worry about bottom paint, I just am getting tired of replacing carpet, bought a brand new boat this year, and already the carpet on the end is starting to rip. I just want to get something that I don't have to worry about replacing every 1-2 years.
  14. my dad runs the dipsy divers and the chinook divers and he likes both, I have the chinook and love them, when tolling for walleye on erie (1.8mph) they hit bottom in 50ft with only 90 feet out. but at 2.5mph they don't go down as deep. but with 200ft out they are uselly running in the 80-90 feet mark. The only problem I have had with them is if you let them out to fast they will wrap up your rod line and you bait line.
  15. my dad usees a yamaha 8hp that has a charging ring on it, he only has the 8hp and the downriggers on that battery and it will keep it charged all day long
  16. Has anyone had any experience with them? Could I make them out of starboard? If not what should I use?
  17. got everything done, I now have start, trim and speed at the console. only thing i don't is shifting. I have everything set with quick disconects so that when I am ready to bass fish I can pull the motor off, or when I want to use it for the 14 footer I can.
  18. I have some parts for a walker downrigger for sale. 1 swivel base, mounting block, and hardware. almost new used twice. $80 1 set of rod holders almost new used twice, $75 I also have an entire head unit that I can get parts from, let me know what you need. (no main drive gear) I also have some booms. all prices are obo + shipping. I live in spencerport ny
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