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  1. Man Legacy keep up the good work, wish I had something good as far as bucks to report on, nothing but does. my son has shot three does but I keep waiting and hoping. at least he is having fun and that is what counts.
  2. Hi sled Guy, as far as mounting riggers { and this is my opinion and the way both my boats are set up } on my 18 ft starcraft I ran a track down the gunwales and my riggers are 3 feet up from the back of the boat, this helps keep the back corners and back of the boat open for netting and less chance for fish swimming into the gear, in front of that I have a my diver rod holder then my tree for boards { Great lakes planer has trees that you can add a diver rod holder } for a smaller foot print on the rail. so on my 18 foot starcraft I have a rigger then a diver rod holder and then my tree for boards on each side. KEEP THIS IN MIND if you fish with the top up check to see if you can get to the rods and how much room you will have in the back of the boat. hope this helps.
  3. A friend of mine is working out of town in Plattsburgh and in the down time wanted to do some fishing he fishes for mostly panfish { crappie, gills, perch and walleye } he wont have a boat so it would have to be shore fishing or a boat rental place. Any help on some places to fish other than the salmon river would be great THANK GUYS.
  4. Larry, from mostly musky is the best if you want to fish around here, prime time is now till close.
  5. Jeremy, you are truly a class act, keep it up. Time go"s by so fast so keep getting you daughter out, love the pics. good luck in all you do.
  6. take a look also at the wac"em broad heads they are great, no tuning fly like a field point and strong, I have killed a lot of deer with them. go to there web sight I think you will like what you see.. hope this helps
  7. Thanks Gambler that was the problem I was having, no blood trail and the the deer would go 500 yards or more I had the same problem with the T/C shock wave.
  8. I need some advice on a good bullet for a 50 cal muzzle loader. I stopped hunting with a muzzle loader about 6 years ago, long story but all the deer I shot with it would take of running and all but two of the eight where ever found. I had a doe at 35 yards and shot her she ran for about 35 yards hit the ground and after about 5 min got up and started walking away shot her one more time she went down and got right back up, so I shot her a 3rd time, and went down for good. all three shoots went right next to the front leg med deer. that was the last one I shot. I took the gun home and put it away till now my son want to do some muzzle loader hunting this season but I don't know. here is what I was shooting 100 gr. triple 7 and a 250 gr. power belt with the green tip, I also tried Thompson center shock wave 250 gr. the accuracy was great just not happy with the end results on deer. all the deer where shot at or inside of 40 yards and where easy shots. any thoughts or input.
  9. That must be the problem i have no morels.
  10. For us its, 75 copper, 150 copper, diver and a rigger. other side 150 copper 250 copper, diver and a rigger. if I need I will set one more diver on each side. the copper will change depending on where the fish are and water temp. also a Barbie fishing pole with 400 copper
  11. we use 50lb braid. go on line and look at kast king power braid cheaper then power pro and stronger I have be using it for year now and it holds up great. we use a Albright knot and a drop of super glue. stay away from cabelas braid its junk.
  12. Quick, get the ice fishing gear back out.
  13. There pulling the ice boom on Erie today, the DEC said that there was very little smelt in the lower river because of the cold water coming out of Erie and all the ice there. maybe after the ice has gone it will be good.
  14. Thanks Whaler, cant wait looks like it will be a wet one. I got the hut all set up so for the most part we will be dry
  15. cant wait, its the first spring on the new farm taking my boy out for the youth hunt. his first turkey hunt
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