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  1. Thanks! I just ordered one. The back seems to be silver plated (not “brass”) but is pretty darn close.
  2. Brass Beef is a discontinued spoon from moonshine. I believe they stopped making their brass spoons. For Brass Beef, half is brass and glow green with black dots on the front. The back is brass/copper color also. Mongolian Beef is white glow and green glow on the front and silver on the back. Attached is a picture of the spoon(brass beef) I own and would like a couple more. Thanks!
  3. Looking for a single or multiple discontinued Moonshine spoon(s) called what I believe is “Brass Beef.” The bottom of the spoon is brass or copper and is a halfseries with partial glow. See attached photo. Thanks!
  4. I’ll take them. Thanks for shipping. PM me your paypal acct. and I’ll send money
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