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  1. ISO - Cannon Downrigger Replacement Power Cable - Motor Side. Thanks!
  2. joesmo

    Wanted Brass Beef

    Still looking! Thanks
  3. joesmo

    Wanted Brass Beef

    Great - PM semt
  4. joesmo

    Wanted Brass Beef

    Brass Beef is a discontinued spoon from moonshine. I believe they stopped making their brass spoons. For Brass Beef, half is brass and glow green with black dots on the front. The back is brass/copper color also. Mongolian Beef is white glow and green glow on the front and silver on the back. Attached is a picture of the spoon(brass beef) I own and would like a couple more. Thanks!
  5. Looking for a single or multiple discontinued Moonshine spoon(s) called what I believe is “Brass Beef.” The bottom of the spoon is brass or copper and is a halfseries with partial glow. See attached photo. Thanks!
  6. Is that different than “Double Trouble”?
  7. Money sent. Thanks!
  8. I’ll take them. Thanks for shipping. PM me your paypal acct. and I’ll send money
  9. Will you ship to Michigan?
  10. joesmo

    Anyone use a tablet for navigation?

    Keep in mind, I use an iPad for navigation (Navionics) also but found viewing tough when the sun is high... I do not have a hard top, however.
  11. Well, I just ordered some green dot SD’s, black dot SD’s, atomik stud flys and and minion flys. Any other attractor/fly favorites out there? Any opinions on how to run rig the first fly in my original post - A or B?
  12. Cool - I have a fishhwak. Thanks for the reply.