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  1. Makes sense and was taking it off as we hooked a fish on the main line. I wanted to be sure I wasn’t missing any “magic” tricks. Thanks for the video troubles.
  2. Probably a stupid question... I bought a couple of these and they work great when you have a fish on the cheater. Just trying to figure out what to do when you have a fish on the main line. The cheater does not release and gets stuck at the top of the rod when you real it in. Any help is appreciated. Thanks!
  3. joesmo

    Sold / Closed Reels

    I have some big lake reels for sale out of Marquette. Willing to ship at buyers expense. Penn reels - one spooled with copper and one spooled with mono https://up.craigslist.org/spo/d/marquette-penn-209-reels/7126112827.html Abu Garcia LC reel spooled with mono. https://up.craigslist.org/spo/d/marquette-abu-garcia-a20lc/7126115588.html Thanks
  4. Looking for inline planer board storage ideas. Looking for something like this link that I can hang near my console but don’t want to pay this much. Thanks! https://www.franksgreatoutdoors.com/amish-outfitters-inline-planer-board-pouch-653981141158?gclid=EAIaIQobChMIrrzzv_PY6AIVTL7ACh2hOQjuEAQYAiABEgJrqvD_BwE
  5. Looking for a used fishfinder/GPS combo to place near the transom of my boat. Must have: good working condition Sonar Speed Temp split screen Power cable Transducer Nice to have 7” or bigger <$250 Please PM only. Thanks.
  6. If anyone has a transducer/power-chord laying around for a Lowrance Elite 5 DSI , let me know. Looking to make my fish finder at the front of the boat removable to place in the back of the boat when trolling. This is is definitely not a “need” and looking to stay frugal here, but willing to pay a reasonable amount for used equipment. Would need to ship to Michigan. Attached are a couple of pics for reference. Thanks!
  7. Im sure there is a place for a true auto pilot but I use a minn kota ipilot to steer my 1950 Lund tyee and love it. I have an 8hp kicker that I run at the same time. I wish I had the ulterra for the auto deploy feature when I want to bow cover the front. It really isn’t too much of an inconvenience as I don’t have a bow cover 95% of the time. The auto pilot works well, nice to have controls on a lanyard and even use the “track” feature once in a while. Good luck.
  8. Thanks! I just ordered one. The back seems to be silver plated (not “brass”) but is pretty darn close.
  9. ISO - Cannon Downrigger Replacement Power Cable - Motor Side. Thanks!
  10. Brass Beef is a discontinued spoon from moonshine. I believe they stopped making their brass spoons. For Brass Beef, half is brass and glow green with black dots on the front. The back is brass/copper color also. Mongolian Beef is white glow and green glow on the front and silver on the back. Attached is a picture of the spoon(brass beef) I own and would like a couple more. Thanks!
  11. Looking for a single or multiple discontinued Moonshine spoon(s) called what I believe is “Brass Beef.” The bottom of the spoon is brass or copper and is a halfseries with partial glow. See attached photo. Thanks!
  12. I’ll take them. Thanks for shipping. PM me your paypal acct. and I’ll send money
  13. Will you ship to Michigan?
  14. Keep in mind, I use an iPad for navigation (Navionics) also but found viewing tough when the sun is high... I do not have a hard top, however.
  15. Well, I just ordered some green dot SD’s, black dot SD’s, atomik stud flys and and minion flys. Any other attractor/fly favorites out there? Any opinions on how to run rig the first fly in my original post - A or B?
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