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  1. Keep heading north if you fish tomorrow..... 29 line and out... right in front of port.
  2. This one ate some milkfish off the diver last year..... we actually got a bunch of big kings on it last year...... not so much this year
  3. If you were heading due North and he was coming from the west to the east..... and by the rules of the road you were the stand on vessel.... The sad part is if he really is a captain he should know this. It seems to me that a lot of boaters out there do not know the rules of a crossing situations( or just out right ignore them) because on this form it is a constant problem. Just sad.
  4. From what I understand… The at the oaks site lost its domain name, so Bob reinvented it on his Facebook page as video posts....... It's sad that all that info for the past is gone. I use to read all the old post when I had time...... Was interesting to read about the bait patterns and fish movements during years I didn't even fish the lake. Very educational, and that site improve my learning curve drastically in the beginning.
  5. Wow!! Doug is still trying to get people to burn tons of gas, and he doesn't even own the marina.... Lol. Did he tell you this at the gas dock? That's where I heard it!
  6. Wow.... Pauly! This might be one of the funniest replies I have seen on here.... Even better when it comes from the guy who's boat most resembles a NASCAR then any other boat at lake breeze.... Lol love it! Anyway.... As of the last two year... I would say light blades have worked the best for us, but the DW Two face mag was one of the better spoons last year. I think that anyone who fished it last year would say the same.
  7. We have one on are center rigger.... Never use it... Swing up the whole rigger is a pain... Retros are much more efficient
  8. The little geezer was the most consistent spoon for us at the Oak this year
  9. Slide divers are the way to go if you are fishing in tight, and want to put a diver presentation into your spread. Short lead core is all so a good idea.....one of my favorites inside of 30 fow. I would go with that over a diver.
  10. From the information we have received from the D.E.C. Weather pending we will be receiving our fish in the second or third week of April. We will have a more exact schedule on or around April 1.
  11. We are going to be putting the pens together at Lake Breeze marina (990 point Breeze Rd., Kent, NY) on April 4th at 9:30 am! If anybody is interested in lending a hand.... Feel free to stop in. Hope to see you there!
  12. A nice pile of fin clips from early in September at the Oak
  13. We had a pretty good return in pen raised salmon at the oak this year. Best concentration of salmon came late this year with the return of the fin clips. It seem that are pen project is doing its job!
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