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  1. Wind blowing pretty hard on the first evening. Hooked one at wall at dark and had one heck of time in the dark and wind, but we got him. Next morning 2 at wall and 3 the next evening. All fish on J-plugs. The next morning was hard to troll with all the grass coming out of river, but we caught one. Can't wait for next year.
  2. Fished were not in close to shore. Had to go out to 90 feet. Had a good 2 days. Riggers with J-plugs and dipsey's with large spoons. 1 Brown the rest Kings.
  3. Caught this guy at dark last Sept. Well over 30. I wanted to weigh and measure it, when I turned around for a second the fella thru it it in. Why did you do that I asked? I didn't want it he replied. I said that might of been the biggest salmon ever caught on my boat. He shrugged and said sorry.
  4. Thanks for sharing. Would have loved to try, but live in West Virginia. Did you launch in the Niagara river. You guys are giving alot of guys the fever. Great job.
  5. Don't you have a digital camera or cell phone? you can upload pics real easy from either one.
  6. Really be interested in seeing some pics, sounds like a great boat.
  7. http://youtu.be/IeAeOncQFnU
  8. http://youtu.be/KTE9BLWGULw
  9. Spent 5 great days at the Oak with great weather. Caught 26 kings, 1 Coho, 1 brown, and 1 steelhead. Fished wall mostly sunup and sundown then moved out a little. I have a little boat and first time in 30 years I could fish everyday.
  10. Yes we only got to about 40 ft and my port downrigger went off. We had to leave by 9:30 to get out of the motel room. Thanks for the tip. We had caught one out there and was just heading in when we saw you. I told the guys you must have limited out let's make one more run out and bam.
  11. Started Tuesday afternoon with a east wind blowing pretty hard. Managed 2 kings in mud line outside of west bay, both on Rapala's. Next morning one King at wall on orange Rapala and 1 on black J-plug. That evening nice Atlantic Salmon on black J-plug, 50 ft and 1 king on Pearl J-pug at wall. Thursday morning 1 king in 26 ft on J-plug and one on black J-plug. Another great trip at the Oak.
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