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  1. Thanks to all for the advice! Yeah, I tried the browns last spring and we did pretty good -- we got em on michigan stingers, both flatlined and off planer boards-- gonna try it again if the weather gods are good!
  2. I've only used jigs through the ice up to this point, but had such great luck this season w perch on dropshots that I'm thinking of trying a dropshot rig w 2 spinshots, as small as I can get. Can't wait to try this out.
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    Not a sled, but the Eskimo 3 popup is very light, inexpensive, and travels easily on a jetsled. Good for 2 people. Only downside is, if yer not careful setting up, the wind could send it down the lake pretty quick.
  4. No way in hell would I go through that, but I would set out a chair on the bridge and watch for a while!
  5. Been reading a bunch of great posts here! I am absolute Ontario beginner fishing out of a small 16 ft boat w 15hp tiller, and am looking to get myself a basic setup to get at the salmon in the shallows. From what I've read, a reasonably priced dipsy rod, line counter reel, and jplugs seems to be the best bet. I'm still not sure of sizes of dipseys, line types/weight, etc. when fishing in <25 ft water. I'm still pretty darn clueless though. Can anyone suggest a budget-minded basic setup that can get me started? thx!
  6. i used that bass pro (sully?) aluminum mount just last weekend for the first time--clamps right onto the transom and works like a champ--instructions suck though-- look at youtube for assembly on these things Sent from my iPad using Lake Ontario United
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