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  1. I have one believe its a sea sick wobbler in a moonshine rv series i have not caught with mine but looks like you have by the tooth marks .
  2. 620 ,650 is depth curve so 650 feet of water and 37 to 4.0 mph is my down speed at probe i run two programs one is with mag and stinger spoons at speeds from 2.0 to 3.0 mph and the other program is 3.7 to 4.2 with OPTIMIZERS spoons i let weather and fish tell me witch one to run . I could not say if its common or not within the fleet but i dont follow the masses i find what works for me and go with it and do well most of the time . AND YES SPEED KILLS !
  3. Took the wife and 2 beagles to Oswego for a little fishing got a late start due to lack of sleep night before dogs were not to keen about sleeping in a boat with all the sloshing going on and the go fast boats coming in at all hours of the night . Got started around 9 am really did not find any king action but found a half a dozen nice steelies one the 250 curve stayed with for a few hours then the bight switched to bump offs then shut down .Went back to the dock and got some lunch and rest hit the water again from 5 pm till sunset looking for browns found a good pocket of browns just east of yellow marker in 60 feet of water landed a dozen and lost a few more .Hit the water around 6 next morning and went straight out to the 620 looking for steelies as i have a good spot out there was a slow start so started working out deeper on the 650 found a couple birds and bait on a current line and game on landed 4 kings lost 3 and a half a dozen bump offs then headed in by 11.00 .Took all are steelies on the 250 down 100 feet at 3.7 to 4.0 mph and all king came from 650 down 85 at the same speeds browns were 55 down at 2.4 in 60 feet of water and all fish were spoon bights .Me and the wife had a great time my off the grid dogs not so much they like to chase chipmunks ,mice ,birds and any other small creature the can find they even treed a woodchuck the other day did no they could climb a tree lol.
  4. Yes i run a down temp and speed probe and feel that well spoon color can make a diffrence temp ,depth .speed ,direction of troll and location in relation to water depth fish are relating to is far more important then spoon color . We caught fish on many spoons but a mag mongolian beef is a great spoon .
  5. They do cause extra drag do to resistance pulling out to the side i use with a 10 lb ball and the white plastic winger and if i want them to run at 100 feet i let out extra cable to account for blow back and angle . As to wear to buy go to ebay and search winger they are really much money i love mine .And as far as Wrights goes you can launch and park .GOOD LUCK
  6. We catch fish all day if there is some cloud cover and a little chop all the better .
  7. People wont call if there is no price !
  8. Saw a break in the weather called my dad that is 81 asked him if he wanted to go fishing before we new it we were in Oswego launched first light and pulled spoons on 4 riggers due to temp down at 100 feet , There were lots of salmon to be caught between the 140 to 200 landed 19 keep 6 matures then went in for the day. Back at in the morning put all mags on looking to weed out the little ones by 10 we landed 10 more good fish keep 6 matures and called it a day . I guess any time you land 29 salmon in a day in a half its hard not to have a blast . My old man went back home to NH tired very sore and happy man i dont no how many more times we will get to do this together .Was complete spoon bight never put a fly or meat down had to set riggers ate 135 and 185 on the wingers to stay in temp due to speed and current .
  9. Well all vessels out there should be treating each other with respect some guys just dont get it and think they own the place . The next time hail them on vhf witch they are required by law to monitor at all times and ask them to please maintain a safe distance . If they are abeam of you they are a give way vessel and must give way by law that being said if that does not work pull all your lines set your riggers at 100 feet and wipe out ever line they got that will likely get your point across . I have fished for many years for bluefin out of NEWENGLAND and you learn to try and be nice first and when that dosnt work stand your ground . GOOD LUCK AND TIGHT LINES !
  10. Optimizer spoons dont even start to work until 3.2 and faster .
  11. My high sped spread is as many Optimizer spoons that i can put in the water then i will run 3.7 mph down speed or faster .
  12. Go out over deeper water put a high speed spread out and cover water till you find the fish .
  13. Give this image to dec and a statement and inform them this is a federal offence . PEOPLE SUCK !
  14. I use duelock snaps at the spoon and 8 feet up were leader meets main line i run duramax swivels .
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