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hard knox

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    hunting ,fishing ,trapping ,taxidermy.
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  1. hard knox

    ph out of whack

    I go into my plots in winter when frozen tow spreader in with tractor due to would not be able to get in without getting stuck any other time of year . I really enjoy doing my food plots but are alot of work and are not cheap and are way better for the local deer heard then a bag of corn placed during hunting . Good luck !
  2. hard knox

    ph out of whack

    You would never see a farmer using lime from a bag !
  3. hard knox

    ph out of whack

    You will go broke using pellet to get your ph were it needs to be find someone that has a agg lime spreader and go get bulk lime by the ton i borrow one from the amish it works great and is way cheaper to buy .
  4. hard knox

    Mexico PT Spring Brown Trout

    Head for the plant stay tight to shore line and plant corner marker at first light you will find the fish and a few boats showing you were to work .
  5. hard knox

    Can’t come soon enough

    Getting 12 to 18 wife blames me for getting boat out and getting ready for browns !
  6. hard knox


    I wont even enter a hunting or fishing tournament anymore there is always someone in the tournament cheating . Sometimes i ask my self how it is that we ended up being called sportsmen when i hear other hunters bragging about how many deer they shot that year . The hole time having no regard for bag limits or methods used it makes me sick that they have such little respect for the game or fellow hunters .
  7. hard knox

    Weighted steel. Yay or nay

    Does anyone have a horse we can all beat lol.
  8. hard knox

    Season right around the corner

    As song dog said that teal colored water is the best fishing if you cannot find it fish the muddy water you will find both are warmer the clear water and way better fishing . Fish tight to shore with stick bats just of bottom and you should find some browns .Last year went 19 for 21 on browns 2nd weak of April out of Oswego in the teal water it was 4 to 6 degrees warmer then the clear water .
  9. hard knox

    Weighted steel. Yay or nay

    I on the other hand can not stand a copper and run weighted steel use braid for a backer and 300 feet of weighted steel .The 300 feet will put you down 60 feet and it just plain catches fish as far as getting deeper you could clip on a snap weight of choice . As for as using with boards i will turn the front pitch pad release around backwards on my church tackle walleye boards and it will not pull of board or kink the line . I use mine for browns .steelies and kings and find it works great .
  10. hard knox

    Good spoons for browns

    I like a little more natural color spoons johnson slama spoons .suttons in a trout pattern a dream weaver silver carbon is all ways good for kings and browns . If the water is clear stay with natural colors in green or muddy water you can go a little brighter latter in the year when water warms look for 58 to 62 degree water were it meets bottom .and fish it . A dreamweaver in the larger size in habanaro is a great spoon as well for kings and browns .
  11. Empire covers make some for soft tops under 100 bucks for rod storage and light trolling .They fasten to your soft top frame and they have 2 different sizes .
  12. hard knox

    Torpedo Speed and Temp Cable

    I wounder if it will give a better signal as i have found the depth raider after 120 feet is not very strong and readings will be fine one minute and gone the next.
  13. hard knox

    Downrigger Wire Repair

    Klincher is the way to go !
  14. And of April out of Oswego i look for muddy or green water it will be a little warmer and fish 10 to 20 feet of water .Use mag lips and mutzui stick baits of boards and run a long center lead core and a short center weighted steel and pound the browns . Once you find the pocket of fish stay with them i try to get the sticks to tick bottom its pretty much a goby pattern . I run about 10 feet of 15 lb blue label and use a very small duramax swivel to attach to main line and just a duel lock snap to attach bait of choice .