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hard knox

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    hunting ,fishing ,trapping ,taxidermy.
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  1. Nice fish man heading up this evening for 2 days great to see the lake is and the bight heating up .
  2. It might be that your ball is dropping so fast that it is spinning if you are going slow i use torpedo weights and they never spin.
  3. Hade them on a 20 foot Campion that was slightly under powered installed them and worked great best part is you are not allways adjusting them to make boat ride level .
  4. Yes it is open at your own risk fished there last weak was not a problem but fish house and bathrooms are closed .
  5. Well i cant tell you how long it will be before you can hunt with a large caliber rifle as i have not had a fusion thank god but was told 3 years ago that i needed one due to 2 bad disk .Thankfully i got the lazer spine institute to have a look and had lazer surgery and came out of it with a band-aid and was hunting 5 days later .They were amazing to deal with from start to finish including the billing i would recommend to any one i need of neck or back surgery . They will review your mri and give you a quote in 3 to 4 days the were amazing compared to what i deal with at Champlain spine and pain . GOOD LUCK !
  6. Coming up for Friday and Saturday anyone no if Wright pay launch is open to use at your own risk or has it been blocked off .
  7. I have also seen were i over greased a bearing buddy and it caused it to come off but some how i spotted it when it happened and found it .
  8. Sorry to say this but sounds like it feel off due to bearing failure if i am reading your post correctly .
  9. Found it its made by rj dunkin .com and is called struttn 360 xd and is 140.00 bucks but looks like a good unit with a good remote range dont see why i could not use it for rigging up for coyote as well .
  10. Saw on tv a ad for a decoy stake that was remote controlled looking to buy one but cannot find it online and cannot remember the name of it any info would be great .I use a strutting tom decoy and making it move is the key on big old toms but using my feet is scary to say the least and dont want to play with strings . Thanks
  11. Last time i was at Oswego on a NE cold front the only place you could buy a bight was inside and right out front so i will side with Rolmops on were to fish .
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