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  1. Thanks Broad, Seems like the website is under construction. I will give them a call. Baytech
  2. Thanks, I know I can purchase the blanks and tape, but time isn't something I have a lot of these days. Plus supporting a local guy who makes a quality product at a fair price is never a bad thing. If anyone is headed to the Springfield sportsman's show and can get the contact info it would be appreciated, Baytech
  3. Spoon Vendor Info I few years back I was at the eastern sports and outdoor show where I purchased a bunch of very light taped spoons. I lost the vendors card and contact info, I think the booth was called Hi-Tech tackle. Does anyone happen to have an e-mail address or phone number, I would like to have them tap me up a few more spoons. Any info would be greatly appreciated. Thanks, Baytech
  4. The station was open Thursday night when I came back in but that was because Larry was cleaning for the Charters so there was no problem with using it then. From what I understand you are free to use the station so long as it is open, but she will not give you the key to open it unless like sszoldra said Larry or his coworkers are in there. She did tell me i was more than welcome to wait around until the charters came back in and Larry came down to clean. I Hope like rolmops said it is just a misunderstanding, just hope ythey don't use the same logic with the bathrooms or that coudl lead to a mess .
  5. Not much to report I managed a hand full of browns each day with a few smallmouth mixed in. I fished east of the harbor in 4 to 15 ft of water with nobody else fishing for browns I ran my flats lines way way way behind the boat and my boards way outside. it seemed to work but it was a slow pick for sure. It was an all spoon bite, bright colors early and natural once the sun came up. I do have a grip about Wrights Landing. When I came back into the launch this morning the fish cleaning station wasn't open. No big deal, I have asked the nice lady in the ticket booth for the key in the past and she was always happy to give it to me. Not this time. A new lady in the booth told me she could only open the fish cleaning station for those people that had boat slips at Wrights. I was stunned, and told her I have never heard such a thing in the 15+ years I had been fishing there. She told me it was new policy and wouldn't budge.. Always thought the station was included in the now $10 launch fee.. Might be time to shift up to Mexico at least the launch was cheaper. Baytech
  6. sold pending payment
  7. Bump. Make me an offer. I'm not going to use any of it.
  8. Feel free to make me an offer. I got all of this gear when I purchased a few boxes of tackle at a yard sale. I was trying to come up with a price based off of prices I found online and knocking a few bucks off. Baytech
  9. For Sale as a Package not will to separate: 3 - Size 1 Dipsy Divers 3 – 8†Dodgers 1 – 5 ¾†Dodger 1 – 4 ¾†Dodger 3 – Snubbers 4 – Offshore Light Releases Connector Sleves 3 Packs of Size 4 and 1 Pack of Size 5 1 – Pack Size 7 Sampo Swivels $75 Plus shipping
  10. Checked compression, all cylinders between 100 and 120 so I put in new plugs, and then I pulled and cleaned all three carbs. The top carb had the most gunk in it, with the bottom carb having the least. Put everything back together and she ran like a top. Thanks for all the advice and suggestions, it's what make this board great, Baytech
  11. tlr462: The engine loses RPM's, and if i back off the throttle and then throttle it back up, it runs, but will eventually do it again. jimalbert: This is a tiller. Got new plugs and the carb kits but can't get to the boat until next weekend. I will keep you guys posted. Keep the ideas coming. Thanks Baytech
  12. The filter was in good shape, checked it when the fuel pump was replaced. I will check the ground issues, replace the spark plugs, and will purchase the carb kits to rebuild. It will take awhile to get everything done considering work schedule and the boat in storage 2 hours away. Thanks for all the input, I will keep everyone posted on my progress good or bad.
  13. Morning Guys and Gals, I spent the past two days fishing or trying to fish Oswego with outboard issues. I have a 40 horse mercury outboard (11 years old) with a portable six gallon fuel tank. Here is what's going on, the engine starts fine but will stall at idle in both neutral and in gear. It will start back up fine, then run for a little and eventually stall. This will continue for at least a half hour to an hour until the engine warms up and then it will run fine at idle trolling for the rest of the day. Now the second part of the problem, I will run it full throttle on the way in for maybe 2-3 minutes until it starts to gradually loose power (while still at full throttle). Once that starts to happen I let off the throttle, back to idle and repeat the process. Here is what I have done so far. replaced eternal gas tank and fuel lines leading to engine (thinking I had some air leaking in), and replaced the fuel pump. Any thoughts, ideas, suggestions? Thanks, Baytech