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  1. Real long long flat lines did the trick. All browns, biggest about 6lbs temp was mid 50s.
  2. Fished solo today. Only ran two rods in shallow 4-15 ft, water was gin clear but managed to go 11 for 13 from 11am to 6:30pm. It was an all spoons bite, anything that had green. Will give it another go tomorrow until lunch.
  3. TTT Open to offers. Won't be headed up to Oswego any time soon though.
  4. 2 Cannon easi-troll manual downriggers with bases $240 plus shipping. I am located SE PA just outside Philadelphia but will be up in Oswego a few times through the end of May and can arrange pick up that way. Baytech
  5. Ok, if it's not sold i am interested. Thanks for the reply.
  6. Is this a round or flat plug copilot?
  7. Had a pretty decent two days. Went east both days, fished 10-15 foot of water. For the two days we went 21-29 on browns with a couple smallies mixed in. A good mixed bag of 5-8lb fish. A pretty good mix of spoons and sticks any combination of green, yellow, blue, silver or chartreuse. Fished from the harbor down to the point and back 2.15 to 2.30 was the best speed.
  8. Well after a suicide deer ran into my truck I am finally planning on getting back up to Oswego tomorrow and Friday for the first time since early April. Going to target browns but kings are always welcome. Any tips on where to start, east, west, depths?
  9. Does anybody know if the bathroom facilities are open at Wrights yet?
  10. Hotels in and around Oswego are going to be tough to come by since Nine Mile Plant is in an outage to refuel for the next couple weeks. I have been looking as well but coming up empty.
  11. So after hearing how well these lures produced over the last year plus I decided to buy a bunch of short shallows for this spring. I order online through Walmart and when my order arrived it looked like they sent me green frogs instead of glow green frogs. Before I returned the lures to Walmart I wanted to be sure I was correct on the mistake so I sent an e-mail over to the Bay Rat explaining to them what happened. Without hesitation James at Bay Rat replied apologizing for the mistake and he sent me the correct lures. I responded thanking him but telling him it was unnecessary and as i explained in my e-mail I was going to make the return to Walmart and just needed confirmation before I returned them. He responded saying basically not to worry about it. Well the correct lures arrived in the mail yesterday along with two others that James threw in. You can't beat customer service like this. If the lures are half as good as the customer service it's going to be a great spring. Baytech
  12. Checking a stand before rifle season and walked up on this little guy.
  13. Launched at Wrights today, they are building additions to the docks that span the submerged sections so you can get to the floating docks. Lake was pretty clean despite the high water. We fished from 10:30 to 4:30 until the wind became to much, went 2 for 3 all browns, 10 FOW green spoons. baytech
  14. Thanks for the update reeleyz, going to try and make my first trip up this weekend from PA, weather permitting,
  15. Hope this "warmer" weather and rain open it up for next weekend.
  16. Any updates on what the launch and harbor look like?
  17. Hewescraft would be ideal, but they would be even harder to find out this way, the Michigan or Illinois dealers would be the closest. I usually fish out of Oswego and noticed someone there the last two years had a console Hewescraft. The Lund Alaskan, is one of the only models that I found without the electronics locker, but it does have a good bit of storage on the bow along with the starboard and port sides. Large tillers have come a long way over the past couple years. Fishing mostly by myself, I find a tiller much easier to handle, plus all the extra room.
  18. Buck, I am a tiller guy also, what did you or are you planning to get for a replacement? I have been running a 16.5' Alumacraft tiller for the last 12+ years but i am considering jumping to a 18 to 20 foot tiller. Alumacraft, Crestliner and Lund make some pretty nice large tillers, they are just hard to find local. Baytech
  19. Slightly off topic, but does anyone have an opinion on the larger Alumacraft, Creslliner , or Lund Tillers (18-20 foot)? I fish a good bit by myself out of a 16.5 foot tiller and like the control and open floor space they offer but I am thinking of going a little larger.
  20. Thanks Broad, Seems like the website is under construction. I will give them a call. Baytech
  21. Thanks, I know I can purchase the blanks and tape, but time isn't something I have a lot of these days. Plus supporting a local guy who makes a quality product at a fair price is never a bad thing. If anyone is headed to the Springfield sportsman's show and can get the contact info it would be appreciated, Baytech
  22. Spoon Vendor Info I few years back I was at the eastern sports and outdoor show where I purchased a bunch of very light taped spoons. I lost the vendors card and contact info, I think the booth was called Hi-Tech tackle. Does anyone happen to have an e-mail address or phone number, I would like to have them tap me up a few more spoons. Any info would be greatly appreciated. Thanks, Baytech
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